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iGot married and my photos have no funk

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Kids want their rock and roll, dangit!

I don’t have an iPod. In the past, I’ve dropped hints to gift givers that I wouldn’t say no to one, but everyone who might conceivably buy me a gift is well aware of my don’t-acquire-what-you-don’t-need stance on life. I could make a case for needing an iPod if I commuted into the city via train rather than working from home, but I’d much rather work from home than have an iPod.

Anyhoo, iPod lovers can now get their fix of those silhouette adverts while also gussying up their wedding snapshots at iPop My Photo. Yes, it’s a silly idea, and probably not worth the $19.95 they charge to “iPodify” one photo. But I’ve seen a few where the original pic came from someone’s wedding, and I think they look pretty good. That means something, considering that I don’t care much for those iPod ads to begin with.

Like it, but hate the idea of dropping twenty bucks on it? Podapic will do it for $4.99. Or you can DIY using Photoshop (more).

Time to raid the closet!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

E-mail troubles prevented me from posting this yesterday, but I wanted to direct you to the fabulous Francesca’s post on Manolo for the Big Girl wherein she mentions that Sydney’s Closet is having its fall sale. I know at least one lovely lady who fell in love with a gown from Sydney’s Closet, and it’s easy to see why. Thank ye gods for the Internet, where a girl can find whole shops devoted to her size.

Here are three of my favorites:

Va va va voom!


He/She blinded him/her with science!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

When physicists marry physicists

According to an article I found in a back issue of Symmetry, when physicists marry physicists the beginning may be a big bang…but real life reveals itself pretty quickly. I think that any time two people following the same career track get hitched, there are bound to be moments of tension. Of course, if you’re not physicists, the potential for big bang jokes drops dramatically.

And from The Great Geek Manual comes this list designed to help you discover whether you are indeed marrying a dyed in the wool geek.

10. You met him at a Con and were brought together by your love of CosPlay.

09. He proposes… through a Diggnation podcast, through a news forum, through a search engine, through a webcomic, through an XBox game, through the webcam in front of an Apple Store, or using an iPod.

08. He proposes with a ring… inscribed with amino acid chains, inscribed with binary, inscribed with the word soulbound, or made from serial connectors.

07. You hold your ceremony in game… in Azeroth, Gielinor, or MapleStory. And it counts double for especially obscure games, like FlyFF.

06. The Groomsmen are all wearing Stormtrooper helmets.

05. You hold the wedding in the real world, but on the bridge of the Enterprise … and the story of the wedding is recorded as an ebook or a movie.

04. The wedding cake is decorated with… is shaped like an iPhone, iPod mini, lines of programming, Nintendo, R2-D2, Xbox (or any video game console, really), or if it has a Super Mario Brothers or World of Warcraft theme.

03. You strike poses from classic sci-fi films for your wedding pictures.

02. He surprises you on your honeymoon with a cruise, during which you take computer classes.

01. He tries to talk you into giving your child a name straight out of World of Warcraft… and succeeds.

The one thing I don’t like about this list is that it assumes that the geek you’re marrying is of the XY persuasion. Why aren’t the bridesmaids wearing Stormtrooper helmets? If you think about it, half the items wouldn’t fly with a non-geeky bride. Item one hits home a little hard… I’m geeky, and The Beard is geeky. When we briefly considered choosing a new last name for both of us, he wanted to go with something like Mr. and Mrs. B. Optimus-Prime. That’s when I decided to take his last name.

What geeky thing did you do at your wedding?

Bio-dome? Terror Dome? No, wedding dome.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

For some odd reason, I love it when ugly and expensive collide. When I saw the link for ‘wedding dome’ in my bookmarks, I got a little excited. I bookmark so much stuff that I forget what half of it is, and I thought I might have found a company that rents collapsible geodesic domes instead of tents. Oh, how wrong I was.

Wedding dome referred to French wedding domes. A few hundred years back, the domes were used to present the wedding rings to French brides- and grooms-to-be and to store the garter (or some other piece of nuptial paraphernalia) after the wedding.

Er, pretty?

The dome you see before you is obviously an antique, and it seems the tradition of the wedding dome has not lived on into the present day. Pity, that. Ha ha, just kidding. Ormolu (i.e. gilt bronze) coupled with mirrors, velvet, and birdies under glass is just not my bag, baby.

If you want to make your own wedding dome and you’re crafty by nature, I can’t see it being that difficult. My Antique Mall has put together a short symbolism guide that can help you choose components.

Oak Leaves = Longevity of Union
Sheaves of Wheat = The gift of Life
Rectangular Mirrors = Years of Engagement
Diamond Shaped Mirrors = Fertility
Large Central Mirror = Reflection of the Soul
Clusters of Grapes = Prosperity
Roses or Daisies = Love
Cherries = Protection from Bad Fortune
Ivy = Attachment to each other
Chestnut Tree Leaves = Links to Others

But if you’d prefer to get married in a geodesic dome and you’re handy by nature, this site will help you build one.

Cuz she’s leavin’ on a jet plane

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

A Curious Bridesmaid asks:

There was a… let’s say awkward situation I encountered during one of my many stints as a bridesmaid. The maid of honor at this particular wedding was really excited about throwing a bachelorette party, and invited us all to her family’s beach house for a weekend. We were all able to drive to this location — except for the bride. We considered other locations, but the bride said she was excited about going to the beach and booked a plane ticket. We threw her a great bachelorette weekend and everyone had a wonderful time.

A week later we received an e-mail from the bride asking us to please remember to send her checks to cover the cost of her plane ticket. We were all really startled by this development — while we of course paid for the bride’s drinks, meals, and other expenses during the weekend, none of us had any idea that she thought we were paying for the plane ticket, too.

The maid of honor quickly managed to strike a compromise bargain where the bride paid for part of the ticket and we chipped in for the rest, but now I wonder if we missed out on some crucial point of bridesmaid etiquette. Is it generally expected that the bridal party pays for the bride’s travel to the bachelorette party? Were we bridesmaids cluelessly rude and behind the times? Or is this just a case of poor communication?

TWISTIE: My gut reaction? What the hell was the bride smoking?

NEVER TEH BRIDE: And where can we get some? Miscommunication… more like Miss Entitlement! Most bridesmaids end up laying out a phat wad of cash for showers and hen parties before the engagement period is up, and that’s before they start shopping for a wedding gift.

TWISTIE: A plane ticket to a party? Waaay too much to expect without prior agreement. This is one bride who needs to brush up on her basic etiquette. Emily Post, Peggy Post, Miss Manners, Letitia Baldridge… any reputable etiquette expert you care to consult will tell you that bachelorette parties and showers are optional events held at the discretion and according to the means of the MOH.

NEVER TEH BRIDE: The key word being optional. I opted not to have a bachelorette party, much to the disappointment of my stepmother and her relatives. I tried to opt out of my shower, too, but no one would let me. A bridal party is an all volunteer army! You can’t demand that they do anything!

TWISTIE: The bride knew she was going to have to travel well out of her way to get there. She chose to buy that plane ticket when she said yes to a faraway beach house bash. She didn’t mention anything about being reimbursed until she started demanding payment.

NEVER TEH BRIDE: The fact that the bridal party even had to come to a compromise demonstrates that the bridesmaids involved had a remarkable amount of tact and patience and the bride was, in fact, the clueless one. Now if you please, Twistie, lay it on the line for us.

TWISTIE: The bottomest of bottom lines? The guest of honor pays for her own transportation to the party, unless specific arrangements have been clearly made in advance.

NEVER TEH BRIDE: Which they clearly weren’t. I’d demand a refund.

Sunday Caption Madness

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Yes, folks, it’s time once again to play Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness!

Take a look at the photo below, and hit me with your best shot for it. When I return next Saturday, I will declare a winner. What fabulous prize do you win? Um…well…bragging rights, I guess. But it’s still fun to play.

Give me your best caption for this photo:

Chihuahua bride

Best of luck to all of you!

Avoiding Bridal Stress

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Last week I discussed the question of wedding stress in general terms. All very well and good, but it didn’t contain much practical advice on how to cope when it starts seeming like too much. Well, that’s why I’m revisiting the topic today.

The sad fact is that there is no one-size-fits-all advice for this question because there are so many different potential stressors and so many different ways of coping with them. Still, there are some general notes that can be helpful in a wide variety of situations.