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Mom’s the Word

No, this isn’t about MOB dresses or how to get along with your mother-in-law. This is about when there’s a mom-to-be in the bridal party.

Once upon a time, such a situation would have been unheard of. Bridesmaids were expected to be unmarried and younger than the bride. Brides were expected not to know about the birds and the bees until mom clued them in just before it was too late and in vague, terrifying terms.

Now, though, the rules have changed. When I was married way back in 1993, I had five bridesmaids. Four of them were married. The other was twelve years old. Two were pregnant. Both were in the very early stages, so it didn’t affect the clothes, but I’ve sometimes wondered how I would have handled the situation if one of them had been further along.

I hasten to say that neither would have been in any danger of being removed from the wedding so long as she felt up to participating. Every effort would have been made to see to their comfort and health. I’m thinking more in terms of clothes.

If I’d been relying on the bridal industry to help me, I would probably have been out of luck back then. It certainly would have been a great deal of trouble to hunt down something that would have made my pregnant bridesmaids look and feel like part of the wedding party then.

Today, however, there’s help for the bride who discovers one or more of her bridesmaids will be obviously expecting on her wedding day…or one who discovers she, herself, is going to be obviously expecting by then Maternity Bride comes to her rescue with multiple styles for the pregnant bride or bridesmaid. Even David’s Bridal now has a very tiny maternity bridesmaid dress section.

The times they are a-changing…and I say it’s a good thing.

3 Responses to “Mom’s the Word”

  1. dr nic January 5, 2008 at 5:06 pm #

    I am standing up as the MOH for one of my friends in her wedding in May. I am pregnant and will be due in August. Most bridesmaids dresses now, in addition to having some maternity styles, are very amenable to having “maternity panels” put in. Especially for short people like me who often have an excess of length at the bottom of the dresses.

  2. Dianasaur January 7, 2008 at 3:15 pm #

    My mom made the bridesmaid dresses and saved my friend’s dress for last since she was pregnant. She measured her two weeks before the wedding to finish her dress and it worked out great. Yay for moms who sew!

  3. Cara January 7, 2008 at 3:20 pm #

    I have two pregnant Bridesmaids ! Neither one will still be pregnant ON my wedding.. but I’ve been having a problem figuring out how to get them dresses that will ,you know fit and be comfy. One’s due in March, in may, my wedding is in September.
    So maybe if we order dresses in June ?! IDK…