Short, longer, long — a better-than-nothing compromise

I’m no great fan of David’s Bridal being that I have read oodles of horror stories from dissatisfied brides who got the shaft from bitchy sales chicks, snotty seamstresses, and counter gals who just couldn’t be bothered to check on their orders. When I was looking for my dress, I definitely browsed the David’s Bridal web site, but I was scared off by all of the bad reviews I read. Those criticisms aside, I’ve found one feature of the David’s empire that I really really like.

It’s the sleeve selector. After so much talk of all things arm-y, their text reading “See Sleeve Options” caught my eye in a big way while I was checking to see if a certain frock in the db Online Collection had been marked down to the fabled $99. (It hadn’t.)

Shore everything upCover those shouldersOr make with the elbow camo

Now the sleeves themselves are by no means substantial, but they’ll do in a pinch if you happen to have shoulders, armpits, or arms that you’re not exactly proud of. The best part is that you can have a pair of these and other sleeves tacked on to just about any of the many, many, many strapless gowns sold at David’s.

It just so happens that my upper arms are red and splotchy. They’ve always been that way and no amount of high-end lotion has made a lick of difference. Muscle tone? That’s something I read about in the ladies fitness mags at the gym. While I did wear straps rather than sleeves at my own nuptials, I actually prefer to cover everything up in my day to day life. In fact, I wouldn’t mind encountering a few more “sleeve selectors” when shopping for my 2008 spring and summertime wardrobes.

Score one for David’s Bridal, I suppose.

4 Responses to “Short, longer, long — a better-than-nothing compromise”

  1. Leah says:

    I dunno – my girlfriend and I were looking for dresses for her on DB’s website and saw this too. It’s better than nothing, but, well, they kinda *look* tacked-on. And sheer white fabric is not going to flatter *anyone* who’s looking to hide lumpy-squishies.

  2. Wendy says:

    I agree, they are fine on someone who already looks good in a strapless dress, but they really have no added benefit for those who want to cover their arms.

  3. satori says:

    Ew, I *hate* the condom-sleeve in picture 3! Nice to have options, though.

  4. Never teh Bride says:

    Ahahahaha, now I can’t look at pic 3 without imagining that it’s a huge embellished condom. Beaded for her pleasure?