Nearly nude nuptials

From faithful reader mkb comes this little gem about a bride and a groom who tied the ol’ knot sans costume.

Saying “I do” in the buff

These unusual nuptials came about because Melbourne, Australia’s FOX 109.1 radio station wanted to set up a publicity stunt in cooperation with the Australian Diamond Company. The station chose Shelley and Josh over a number of other couples to get hitched in the buff…by which they really meant the pseudo-buff.

What do I mean by pseudo-buff?

The lovely ladies

Notice the pasties?

Just a moment there!

And, hey, those look like the thongs actors wear during especially hot sex scenes!

Shelley and Josh aren’t what I’d call nude at all — she’s got pasties covering the gazonga strike zone and both of them appear to be wearing skin-colored, clear-strap mini thongs! Sure, their guests got an eyeful of bum, but it’s nothing more than one might see on some of the nicer South American beaches.

How utterly disappointing. All in all, the Burning Man people did it better.

Oh, and hey, just so you know, there’s a casting call going on until Feb. 29 for Bridal Party, a new show that will feature one bride who’s planning a seriously opulent summertime affair. To be that bride, you need to send in a video including your name, your wedding date and location, some personal background information, and why you and your bridesmaids should be starring in the show. If you’re cast, the production company will provide a stipend during the time of production, access to trade-out opportunities for wedding related products, and “a wedding tape to end all wedding tapes,” whatever that means.

4 Responses to “Nearly nude nuptials”

  1. Twistie says:

    I can respect someone who decides to have a naturist wedding. It wouldn’t be my style, but if it says something about the couple, they absolutely have my support and blessing.

    This, though…pasties? Flesh-colored thongs? Doing it as a promotion for any company? This gives a new definition to tacky.


  2. Jennie says:

    Diamond Company? Are the pasties and thongs gem encrusted? Do they get to keep them if they are? (can you imagine buying a used diamond thong…eeaaalllhhhgg…)

  3. satori says:

    How…um…cute? Tacky? Sweet? Gross?

    The cognitive dissonance, it burns us!

  4. Melburnian says:

    I’d say It’s probably to get around legal issues with being naked in public. If the pasties and thong were about promoting diamonds, then you’d expect to see that back bit of anal floss encrusted with diamonds as well.