What they take away…or sometimes leave on the table

As you know, I typically like to post earlier in the day. While I woke up bright and early (and bushy-tailed, I might add) this morning, a raccoon apparently decided to chew through Verizon’s relay station wiring, leaving me high and dry where DSL is concerned. The end result is that I spent a great deal of my morning hoofing it around town in search of an establishment with Internet access, coffee, and sweets…because if I can’t work at home, I may as well enjoy it, right?

But enough of my sob story. I was lucky enough to get a large box of fun from Beau Coup Wedding Favors, purveyor of scads of favors. Some of their offerings are run of the mill, while others are oddly surprising. A few are just plain odd! Being that they sent so many samples — lucky me! — I thought I’d talk first about those I feel work better as bridal shower favors being that they’re delicate, costly, or super girly.

This is just a little review of some of the favors I received, but favors are a contentious issue so feel free to continue the debate in the comments. Personally, if a couple wants to give me a favor, I’m more happy to take it if it’s useful or nice. If they’d rather save that money or spend it on a cake upgrade, that’s fine by me, too. As for charitable favors, I think they’re a cool idea because so many favors are utter crap, but I understand that not everyone agrees.

$24 for four$5 each
$12 each, if you can believe it$2.95 each with a minimum order of 12

Going clockwise from the upper right hand corner, there are blown glass pens, fancy cakes that are really towels, Go Girl luggage tags, and mini cherry blossom dishes.

So, the pens. They’re crafted from blown glass with hand-painted detailing, and they’re filled with blue ink. Beau Coup Wedding Favors calls them “ergonomic,” but I haven’t played around enough with mine to know whether it will aggravate my carpal tunnel. I will say that these pens are delightfully pretty and just delicate enough to be classy, though I’m rather saddened by the fact that they don’t seem to be refillable. When mine runs out I’m thinking about flipping it upside down, affixing some sort of ribbon to it, and turning it into a light catcher.

I’m alternately delighted and confused by the cake towels, delighted because I loved novelty washcloths when I was a kid and confused because it seems like something better suited to a baby shower for some reason. It’s the extra touches that win me over — the slice comes seated on a little doily and topped with a rubber lemon slice. The plastic holding it all together reads “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world.” The lauds them for being calorie free and recommends that brides “serve” them with real edibles, like petit fours. Note: This is known as “the upsell.”

Twelve dollars for a luggage tag? Well, it is a sturdy tag — I’ll admit that I did try to pull it apart to no avail — and funky as these things go. Mine is black, white, and hot pink, i.e., very girly. These could be fun at a travel-themed party…or a poodle-themed party. I wouldn’t recommend buying these for a fete thrown in honor of a tomboy, but considering that they brand is Go Girl, you probably already gathered that.

And now for my favorite things in the entire box, the cherry blossom dishes. I thought these would be the most expensive item, when in reality they’re among the least expensive samples I was sent. I’d be willing to pay just under three bucks for dishes hand painted by skilled artisans in Japan, though I do wonder if you could get them for less at one of those Japanese discount stores that are opening all over New York and elsewhere. Pretty, aren’t they?

All right, that’s it for the reviews for now…I still have more favors and I’m reading Something New by Elise Mad Adam, which is fantastic and fun so far. I’ll give y’all a break for now, though, and go back to the regularly scheduled programming for a while.

4 Responses to “What they take away…or sometimes leave on the table”

  1. Sleepy_Miranda says:


    About the cherry blossom dishes: you are right about being able to find them in many ‘Asian’ Kitchen Supply Stores. That particuliar set comes in just about any dish you can imagine. I bought a whole set including serving dishes for a reasonable amount (maybe $8 a dinner plate?) in Chinatown in NYC in 2002.

    So, they’ve been around for a while and are really charming. I’m sure one could probably get them online, but I haven’t looked with any kind of diligence 😉

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Nice to know, Sleepy_Miranda — I’ll have to check out the Boston shops and see if I can get regular sized plates and things to match my little dishes.

  3. Emma says:

    I too have seen that pattern. In a large Asian grocery store that happened to sell some cookware. Something like a dollar a plate for those small ones. I am not positive, but I believe that you can also find them in other colors, because I have seen themin blue. This was a couple years ago, so maybe they stopped doing the blue.

  4. Rikki says:

    Perhaps inappropriate, but those pens look a little to me like what happens when you blow up a condom like a balloon…at least in the tip. Good thing? Not sure.