Twobirds with one stone? Three? Four?

I’ve seen wrap dresses and convertible dresses that purported to be for the bridesmaid, but they were always made out of t-shirt material and not at all formal looking. I’ve also seen many a dress that was described as “something you could wear again” when the fact is that if it’s floor length and made out of Duchess satin, it’s probably not going to get a lot of future play.

Twobirds in red

All four of the models in this unpleasantly dark pic are wearing the same dress from Twobirds Bridesmaid. Designer Ariane Goldman (Finkel) created this multi-purpose frock because she was sick of paying too much for bridesmaid garb she would never, ever, ever wear again.

The straps can apparently be manipulated into more than ten different configurations, though the how-to on the web site only features eight different tutorials. I’d wager that ten is a lowball assessment, however. If you’re crafty and clever, and you spend some time playing with this dress, you’ll probably figure out entirely new ways to use it.

Twobirds in pink

I like the color — it’s rosewater — though I wouldn’t recommend that particular strapless wrap style to you if you’re not built like a ten-year-old boy. That models breasts look tremendously unhappy, all squished up like that. There are ten standard colors to choose from, but custom colors are available at an additional $40 per dress. Brides can also choose from calf length and floor length styles.

Two birds in blue

You can even finagle the straps into something very like sleeves, though you’ll sacrifice back modesty in doing so. I suppose it’s the convertible dress rule…the more fabric you use in the front, the less there is to cover skin up in the back!

My take: I like the idea and the Twobirds look, and I think that, as a bridesmaid dress, it’s entirely re-wearable. I have to hand it to Goldman that it’s quite the racket. Design one dress and sell it on its own merits more than ten different ways. When am I going to come up with an idea that clever?

30 Responses to “Twobirds with one stone? Three? Four?”

  1. Julie says:

    As someone who has had to wear above mentioned dress as a bridesmaid, I would like to beg and plead with future brides to please not choose this dress if you have a busty bridesmaid. With the exception of the incredibly unflattering strapless version which leaves you totally exposed if you actually have boobs, all the other variants are some form of backless meaning that you cannot wear a bra. If you happen to have yourself a lot of cleavage, like I do, you will be utterly miserable in this dress. I have never been more uncomfortable in my life than having to walk down the aisle, Double D’s a jiggling flapping in the breeze for the whole world to see, because every variant of a strapless bra I tried was visible regardless of how I tried to wrap the dress, and the press-on invisible bra cups just do not offer ANY support for someone my size.
    The second I had a moment to slip away during the reception, I ran back to the hotel room, put on a bra, and threw a pashima wrap over the dress to hid the very visible bra.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Oh how horrible, Julie! As someone who dabbled briefly in tube tops during adolescence before some kind soul finally said, “Honey, you NEED a bra,” I can feel your pain. I’m of the DD variety myself, and if a friend asked me to go braless at her wedding, I would ultimately have to refuse. It wouldn’t matter how good a friend it was, either!

  3. Melissa B. says:

    Many bridesmaids’ dresses aren’t exactly kind to the well-endowed gal, I’ve noticed. I’m small-busted myself, but in all of the weddings I’ve been in there is at least one D or DD-cup bridesmaid who has to defy the laws of physics in order to hide a bra under her spaghetti-strapped/backless/low-cut dress.

    On topic … The convertible dress is a good idea, but I’m all thumbs with that kind of thing. I can never make them look right. Is it just me?

  4. Pencils says:

    It’s true that many bridesmaid’s dresses don’t work for women with large breasts. I’m a DD myself so I understand. Bridesmaid’s dresses also frequently don’t work for larger women, either. But most bridesmaid dress companies make at least one dress that will be acceptable to the petite woman, the full-figured woman, the big-busted woman–except it’s rarely the same dress, although usually they’re available in the same fabrics and colors. The problem is when a bride insists that her attendants all wear the same dress, a dress that will only flatter some of them. Luckily I’ve never been in this position, but if a bride cared more that all her attendants were dressed identically than in their comfort and levels of modesty, I’d quit the wedding. When I was planning my wedding I remember coming across a bride who really wanted all her attendants to wear $120 orange platform stripper shoes. When those of us on the forum tried to dissuade her, pointing out that they were too expensive, too high, and possibly not in the best taste, the bride came out with the usual refrain, “But it’s my big daaaaay…” I bet she went through with it, if she had any attendants left. Or maybe they were all strippers and didn’t mind!

  5. Jen says:

    Chiming in as a D cup, the way my friend accomodated all us various-sized bridesmaids was by having everyone wear the same skirt and pick the best top out of a selection of 5. Two of us wanted to cover back tattoos, 3 of us were D cup or larger, and one was only 15. I think separates are a good way to go. It also makes it easier to actually rewear part of the outfit without having its origin be screamingly obvious. I’ve since worn the top with a black skirt and received several compliments.

  6. Leah says:

    I’ve never tried on one of these convertible dresses. The fabric always looks like it will drape absolutely wrong – picking up all the wrong bumps and curves. Anyone who does not have an hourglass figure or is shaped like a model try these?

  7. Nony Mouse says:

    Chiming in as an entirely self-supporting gal, when I was a bride-to-be I tried on the bridesmaids dresses I was considering and ruled out anything that ruled out a bra. I wanted my friends to look good and, umm, properly contained.
    Seriously, the only kind of ‘convertable’ clothing I’ve seen that might actually work as such is more to the SCA type event.

  8. DDs and afraid says:

    I was so excited by this idea when my friend sent us the website and let us know we would be wearing these in her wedding in September. I couldn’t wait to get the dress. Well, I wish I’d looked into it a little further – this dress is terrible. If you are anything bigger than a size 6 (I’m a 10), heaven forbid if you have hips (not to mention a chest), you will NOT look good in this. I’ve wrapped and I’ve wrapped…and I’ve wrapped. Not a single style is flattering, can be worn with a bra or makes me feel secure that the whole thing isn’t going to come undone around me as I’m walking down the isle. Not to mention – this dress is literally a skirt with two straps sewn to it. It’s not even sewn well – The hem is just cut fabric. For $270 – I expected so much more. Fabric is a light jersey – so EVERYTHING shows. No lining, no slip, no nothing. Forget your spanx ladies – they’ll most likely be seen in almost every wrap. Yuk. I will NOT be wearing this again…

  9. Natali says:

    I have to disagree w/ these reviews. My cousin picked out these dresses for her bridesmaid and they’re going to work for all of us even though some of us are average, thin, fat and we even have a bridesmaid who is so pregnant that she may give birth while walking down the aisle! We each have different sizes and will be wearing different styles to accommodate our needs. The wedding hasn’t happened yet but I did try the dress on w/ the bride’s help (and the mother of the bride) and it looks wonderful! I’m excited to wear the dress and I don’t know what everyone here is complaining about!

  10. I’m glad you’re having such a good experience with the Twobirds dress, Natali. For those above who worried about bras and slips, perhaps you have some advice for fitting underthings underneath without them showing through?

  11. dont buy it. says:

    i am about to be a bridesmaid in this dress…and i am not happy. i’ve tried it on, and although its decent looking (i am a size 2), im sorry, it is not ‘one fits all’. what the people in the previous posts have been saying is absolutely true:

    – if youre over a size 6, forget it.
    – the material is not quality material and is ludicrous that anyone would want to spend that kind of money (or ask their bridal party to pay) for what is basically, bathing suit material.
    – you cannot wear a bra or any kind of support, so unless you have perky implants, good luck with that. i have a B cup, half the wedding party has huge boobs, and maybe a couple plum-sized unfortunates, but im not sure why anyone would ask people in their bridal party to forgo the bra thing.

    unhappy, but unable to really voice my opinion with anyone else besides this blog. its the typical situation of the bride saying ‘you’ll wear it again’, when you really wont, and im sure all the other bridesmaids feel the same way, but figure our opinion wont matter in the long run. just shut up and wear it i guess.

  12. Christina says:

    I’m absolutely horrified after reading these reviews. I have 4 bridesmaids, 2 plus,and 2 misses; and after reading up on these dresses, I thoguth I had found the perfect solution for all of them – But, I suppose not. I felt bad asking them to buy these dresses, but figured that since they would wear them again, it wasn’t too bad…They actually were all into it – But now I suppose we are back to sqaure 1 – I’m not going to make the girls wear these! Thanks everyone for your brutally honest reviews!

  13. Liana says:

    I was just on the website and noticed that they sell Bandeaus… Wouldnt that fix the problem of the “no Bra”…

    Im recently engaged… and will absolutly be looking into purchasing these dresses for my girls… Im going to get the “sample” for everyone to try on first.

    ANd…. my good friend had these dresses for her wedding party about a year ago… the girls were all different sizes, infact, one of them had just given birth about a month before, and they all looked stunning!

  14. Could be, Liana, as long as the bandeaus allow for wearing a bra underneath!

  15. bianca says:

    I was recently with my four bridesmaids to try these babies on, and they are great (then they unanimously agreed/loved and purchased them). One bridesmaid was 8 months pregnant and looked awesome, one is a toothpick and looked hot. One is 15 and went for the bandeau for modesty and one is curvalicious and didn’t even try it on since she owns one already and loves it.

    The bandeau is long, which means it hides everything in the back and allows you to wear a strapless bra underneath without even noticing it’s not part of the dress. If your boobs are too big to even wear a strapless bra, then I don’t know what to tell you (get thee to a good lingerie shop!). But I would think with the bandeau, a bra and the right wrapping (over the shoulders and around the waist) it would be supportive enough and comfy. After the bandeau, throw on some Spanx shorts and get over it. The fabric doesn’t look cheap, but maybe it’s not the best dress for a blinged out ballroom wedding. Check this out:

    By the way, all my maids are traveling, and this dress will not wrinkle…Perfect destination wedding dress.

  16. Dee says:

    I find it funny how the only positive reviews on here all knew women who were pregnant and looked fabulous. These sound like fake posts to me which only makes me not want to buy this dress for my bridesmaid. Thank you to the real people who shared their genuine experiences. This dress is officially off my list.

  17. ST says:

    I actually bought some clearance fabric at a dollar a yard and made my own. Maybe the dress is really not worth it at $270, but at $4 and 20 minutes of sewing, it’s really not bad at all.

    I AM running into the problem of not wearing a bra, though. Maybe with a strapless bra and a tank top with hidden straps would work.

  18. Amie68 says:


    I am the MOH for my best-friends wedding this summer and she was all about this dress! I have to admit that I had my reservations – even the skinny girls in the pictures had a little roll or two in the back. That being said, I am a good MOH, and supported her all the way, it is her wedding.

    Just got it two days ago, and I am a little disappointed. The fabric looks cheap and the sewing is sub par.

    I’m a C-cup, and I can’t go bra-less with this dress. I have found a bra that is low cut front and back, so I can get away with it, but it is pretty unforgiving. I also purchased the bandeau, just in case, but it only matches a few of the styles.

    Hope this helps!

  19. Pumpkin says:

    It could just be the way you are wrapping the dress. I can’t speak for twobirds bridesmaids dress or for the way they are made but there is a designer Monif C who makes convertible dresses. Considering she designs dresses for plus size woman she has ways to wrap the dress that allow you to wear a bra. If you go to youtube and do a search for Monif C she has videos showing how to wrap the dress. I am a DDD and this dress works great for me and although at first I wasn’t sure how it would look I was pleasantly surprised and love this dress. I would suggest looking at her videos and attempt to wrap the two bird dresses the same way.

  20. Bridesmaid says:

    The two birds company is completely incompetent. All the bridesmaids (4 including me) had issues with the company. First, they did not take any of my info down when I ordered and never sent me a confirmation. Then they waited about two weeks to charge my check card and charged me TWICE! They returned the money and the money they made my checking account overdraft by, but this took another full week. Once all the girls got the dresses they received the wrong ones and were not as nice as they were in the pictures. For this much money, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. They were unprofessional and rude. Not worth the stress.

  21. Elle says:

    I am due to be a bridesmaid in september and this is the dress the bride wants me to wear . She has bought a bandeau for under it . when i first saw the dress on the website i thought it looked great . however , i haven’t seen the actual dress in person yet . i am a b cup and size 10/12 . im really worried about wearing it now after reading all those negative reviews . could someone who has had a pleasant experience with this dress , please share ?

  22. Desiree says:

    Seeing as there are lots of negative responses…any bridesmaids wanting to sell their old dress? Email me if you’re interested.

  23. Desiree says:

    Looks like this didn’t provide my email so here it is: dizydesi at gmail dot com CHEERS!

  24. Anne says:

    Yes check out Monif C for Bra friendly ways of wrapping the dress. Same dress but cheaper fabric so I just use her wrapping techniques.

  25. JJ says:

    I ordered a sample of the A and B sized dresses from them, besides the fact that it took a lot of back and forth to get the sample dresses, and cost $65 – it was the best descion i ever made –

    -some of the cheapest and worst material I’ve ever see, its almost see thru and NOT forgiving if you have any sort of curves. for over $300, I was expecting something….anything better.

    – my bridesmaids and I laughed the whole time we tried them on, because it takes about 30 minutes to figure out hot to wear it.

    -the sizing of these dresses is not correct, I am a size 12 and had to wear the B size, as the A was seriously too small, and one of my bridesmaids, who wears a size 18 ( B size claims to fit up to a 24) couldn’t even get the dress on.

  26. Jackie says:

    I reeeeeeeally want these dresses for my wedding… I have one bridesmaid who is a size 6 and another who’s maybe a 14/16 (both large chested). They are my 2 best friends in the whole world & the last thing I want to do is make them look bad! Sounds like getting the sample dress would be the best option if even considering moving on with these dresses… bummer.

  27. NJR says:

    I attended a wedding yesterday and the (4) bridesmaids wore Two Birds dresses in Aubergine. The matron of honor (bride’s sister) is expecting any day now and she wore the long style and the other three girls wore the shorter length. The dresses looked absolutely stunning – each girl chose to tie her dress in unique, different and flattering styles. The ladies seemed very comfortable and danced the night away. From a “guest” point of view, I was impressed with how beautiful the bridal party looked from start to finish!

  28. lissey says:

    I really want these dresses! I see them on My Fair Wedding with David Tutera all the time and LOVE them. However, they definitely break my budget. So I’m going to copy desiree and ask that if one of you ladies would like to get rid of your dresses, you shoot me an email! It’s elise dot mirae at gmail dot com. Thanks so much!

  29. Sabrina says:

    Hi girls,

    Lots of awful reviews here, I just wanted to put in my two cents as a bride who just had all of her 10 bridesmaids wear this dress. Two are 5’10 the rest range between 5’0 and the latter. All of my girls are completely different body types and I figured this would be the best way to accommodate them all. Let me first say that looks wise, my girls and I have received an INCREDIBLE amount of compliments on the color (slate gray) and the way the dress looks in pictures on each of the girls. Comfort wise, I would highly, HIGHLY suggest that every girl who buys this dress please buy the matching bandeau. My girls are all very clever and figured out several ways to wear the dress so that it fit them comfortably but there was some drama when they first tried them on and realized their mistake in not getting the bandeau. 4 of the 10 have large breasts and we had to get really clever so that they felt comfortable all night. BUT when it comes down to it, only three didn’t wear bras and all of them looked AMAZING. I got married in a mansion on the gold coast of Long Island NY and they matched the setting perfectly. All mentioned to me that the dress was extremely comfortable to wear and admitted that although they were nervous at first about the way the fabric would hug their body, they were pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t and that it actually complimented their body. Good luck girls!


  30. The dress is absolutely adorable. I ordered this dress along with a back-up,(strapless satin tulle prom dress with black lace trim) from this company, as a destination wedding dress. I placed my order late Thursday night and received both in the mail the following Monday…proof that in-stock items are shipped out ASAP. The quality of work/material is very nice on both styles. (thick satin, fully lined, no flaws)I didn’t notice if they stated in the description, but the dresses are made in USA. Also, I am very pleased with the fit. If you are unsure or uneasy about ordering a size, go by the size chart measurements. They are completely accurate. It is hard to tell about the length in the pics, I am 5’4″ and the dress falls mid-calf, tea-length. I am very pleased with both dress’ styles, prices, and the company. I definitely recommend ordering items from Pacifiplex.