Take your wedding pics to the next level

If you’re going to spend ages and ages between the ceremony and the reception posing for the camera, why not make it interesting? It’s bad enough that everyone else is off getting their pre-meal drink on at the open bar and chatting about poor Carol, the bridesmaid who just got divorced. Don’t make it worse by slapping on a frozen smile and lazily staring down your photographer. Your wedding album will be much enhanced by your decision to jazz things up a bit when it’s time to say “Cheese,” so try one of these cool poses on for size:

The jump:

The daddy-mack will make you do this

From Beth Beljon — and can I just say I LOVE the bridesmaid attire?

The huddle:

You get the bride…the rest of us will subdue the bridesmaids

From Terry Offord Photography

The extreme theme:


The big mug:

Be fabulous, darlings

From Stephen A. Harmon Photography

The cool dudes:

Ice cold and lovin’ it, baby

From Furious Photographers

We gave that last one a try at my own wedding, with good results. See?

My brother, The Beard, and the best man

12 Responses to “Take your wedding pics to the next level”

  1. Meg says:

    My favorite photo from our formal wedding was at the photographer’s suggestion — she had my husband and his best man do their best he-man style poses (arms akimbo, faces fierce) and it came out both awesome and hilarious.

  2. JaneC says:

    We have a photo of myself, my maid of honor, and another dear friend in a chorus-line pose. It’s one of my favorites.

    For another photo, my husband was sitting down and I was standing behind him. The photographer prompted me to give my husband a kiss on the cheek, but my husband, in a reverie, didn’t hear the suggestion. The resulting photo–me looking very pretty and kissing his cheek, my husband looking very pleasantly surprised–is both hilarious and touching. The facial expression is also very typical Mr. Jane.

  3. C* says:

    My family loves the movie Zoolander and all my siblings and I all have our own version of “Blue Steel”. Of course we had to do a pose of all of us doing our Blue Steel faces…it’s an awesome picture.

  4. Glinda says:

    One of my favorite pictures from our wedding was when our photographer stood up on a balcony of the wedding site, and gathered ALL of the attendees and used his fishbowl lens to take a picture of everyone as a group. It was so cool he put it up on his website, and almost seven years later, it’s still there!

  5. La Petite Acadienne says:

    I have two favourites. In one, we were standing in front of the “Nuts 4 Nuts” cart in Central Park, and being the pervert that I am, I reached down and pretended to grab husband in the….ahem…frontal area. The camera didn’t catch that, but it did catch the two of us laughing hysterically, facing each other, and leaning towards each other as though we had to support ourselves on each other’s shoulders from laughing so hard.

    The other was neat because of the angle. The photographer, Anthony Vazquez (who rocks, by the way!), likes to take some shots at slightly askew angles, which made for some really neat photos.

    Ours weren’t cookie-cutter at all. Very few “traditional” poses, and I love that.

  6. Jackie says:

    I love the fun pics! Keep up the cool style, ladies! 🙂

  7. Twistie says:

    My favorite shot from our wedding is one that’s a bit off-beat. Mr. Twistie and I both had sixties-inspired round-lensed sunglasses on when we reached the wedding site, since it was a sunny California summer day. The photographer said he really wanted a shot of us in our wedding finery and shades looking cool. So we decided the best way to do it would be to stand very stiffly doing our best American Gothic pose, which the photographer thought was hilarious.

    The best thing of all, though, was something nobody had counted on. With the angle of the sun, the direction we were facing, and whatnot, the photo ended up with this awesome and bizarre light refraction that looks positively hallucinagenic. here are arcs of light and color just spewing out from our eyes in every direction. Everyone who knows us well considers that the most representational photo in the album.

    I loved our photographer. He was so laid back and had a way of blending into the background so that he captured the real emotions of the day. Alas! The last I heard he’d left the photography business. Whatever he’s doing now, I wish him well, and I still adore the pics he took that day.

  8. me says:

    There are a ton of the “Jump” pictures on flickr. There was one featured just yesterday on the “Interestingness” page.



    These aren’t the ones featured yesterday, but they’re still nice to look at.

  9. Ky says:

    I love the jump pictures. I used to do that with my cheer squad back in the day.

    Speaking of wedding pics. I was thinking the bridal industry could benefit from http://www.taaz.com. Brides to be can upload their pic and play with makeup and updos for the big day!!!

    [www.taaz.com is addicting..]

  10. Never teh Bride says:

    Aha, Ky! You must have been reading my mind…I planned to write about Taaz tomorrow. I even have a photo all ready to go!

  11. Bella says:

    Love the photos, especially the one where the girls are jumping on the beach. Giving me inspiration for photos for my wedding day!