Can’t have vintage? Try the next best thing!

Kicking it old school styleKicking it old school style
Kicking it old school styleKicking it old school style

I’m always (ALWAYS!) on the lookout for wedding dresses that mimic the look and feel of yesteryear. Besides the fact that there was once a time where fashion designers acknowledged that most women have curves rather than corners, a gown that has stayed stylish for half a century will probably look grand as it did on your wedding day when you pull out the old wedding album to show the grandkids. Now that’s longevity.

Right now I’m totally digging on the fab frocks from Sarah Danielle Bridal for the very reasons mentioned above. There are structured portrait collars…pretty lace boleros…tailored jackets. There is scalloped lace, and there are crystal broaches and side pockets. What I’m trying to impart is that there are options that stray above and beyond white and strapless and beading.

I’m not sure who Sarah Danielle is, considering that the gowns are envisioned and created by a design team. Ah well, putting a face to the name wouldn’t change how much I dig these dresses!

5 Responses to “Can’t have vintage? Try the next best thing!”

  1. Redblur63 says:

    I love these gowns. Another designer who has women (as opposed to beanpoles with two X chromosomes) in mind is the brilliant Tadashi Shoji. I am remarrying in the fall and I found my dress in the Spring 2008 Collection. Shoji doesn’t do a bridal line that I am aware of, but Needless Markup carries some of his bridesmaid dresses, and lots of his eveningwear is absolutely suitable for an adult bride who wants to flaunt her mature beauty. I called their LV boutique yesterday afternoon and my dress should be at my house when I get home today. I actually tried going into a bridal shop here in Memphis to find a gown and was told that designers “don’t make dresses with sleeves anymore. No one wants those.” Hmmm. It seems there is a market that is being seriously overlooked.

  2. Dianasaur says:

    I actually gasped at the gold one, it’s gorgeous! It makes me wish I was a celebrity just so I could afford it and have somewhere to wear it

  3. Twistie says:

    I adore that gold one, too, Dianasaur. Now if I just had the right curves to pull it off. That’s okay. I can enjoy it on someone else, too. Yummmmm….

    I’ve also got a fetish for the bottom right one…and a better chance of looking not entirely awful in it. The wraparound, princessish cut is a lot more forgiving to those of us not in possession of well-defined waitslines and generous boobage.

  4. Melissa B. says:

    Top left is my favorite. I love off-the-shoulder necklines, they really help balance you out if you’re pear-shaped like me!

  5. I’ll check that out, Redblur63 — I’m always on the look out for stuff designed with curvy gals in mind. And, heh, I had to look up “Needless Markup” because I’d never heard that before!