Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude

There are few things I love so much in life as a great story. If there’s a little bitter bite to the story, so much the better, I admit it. Tales of other peoples’ disasters tend to be a lot more entertaining than concentrating on your own miseries, after all. It feels good to be able to point and laugh and say ‘better someone who isn’t me than me.’ I’m not proud of it, no, but there it is.

Thus it is that one of my favorite haunts to visit on the net is Etiquette Hell. There I can have my fill of cautionary tales about brides run amok and flower girls mooning the congregation, of grooms gone gaga and guests who have sadly left all their couth at home for the event. From ring bearers who drop the rings to bakers who drop the cake, it’s all there in glorious Technicolor and four-part harmony…with feeling.

Some highlights include the couple who noted a $115.00 cover charge for their wedding on the invitation, the maid of honor who didn’t invite the other two bridesmaids to the shower, the groom’s family who take over the entire process…without putting up one red cent, the vindictive ex-girlfriend of the groom who tipped off the police about where to find him to arrest him on an outstanding warrent on his wedding day at the altar, and of course multiple cases of actual assault.

If you need a little perspective (or a bit of etiquette advice), I highly recommend Etiquette Hell. Oh, and while you’re there, check out their recently added feature The Library which houses works on etiquette ranging from George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior In Company and Conversation up to the 1922 edition of Emily Post.

Now, back to those tales of woe. Heh, heh.

6 Responses to “Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude”

  1. T says:

    I like the idea of Etiquette Hell, but after a few minutes of reading, I can’t stand it anymore. What kind of site is this where the maintainer is ruder than half the stories sent in?! Seriously, I cannot deal with how ignorant the person running the site is. Won’t be wasting any more time there.

  2. Twistie says:

    Wow, T. My experience of the site has been that the moderator comments on very few of the stories sent in, and restricts her comments to etiquette questions – something she is extremely well versed in – for her (rare) commentary.

    I’m sorry you found it so unpleasant, but Miss Jeanne does know whereof she speaks, I find, and can point to the Emily Post, Miss Manners, or Letitia Baldridge to prove it. It’s also possible to go for pages in those stories without finding any editorial notes added whatsoever.

  3. De says:

    I love Ehell! I also read and post on their forum, where even more stories can be found :D…

  4. cybill says:

    I love the etiquette hell site, I agree with you Twistie, I think the moderator does an exellent and restrained job – if I had that job, boy would I be saying a thing or two to some people!
    There is also a wonderful gallery of Bridesmaid dresses from Hell on it which I like to peruse.

  5. birdie says:

    Eyuuuu… T is right!! Everyone there is pretty rude in their own right! It’s snobbery personified with a lot of finger-pointing. I don’t see anything like that in Miss Manners or Emily Post. It must be a website for spoofing good manners.