Five things I wish I’d known about when planning my own nuptials

We’ve talked about weddingish regrets more than a few times here at MftB, and it truly is a bittersweet exercise. On one hand, it’s fun to keep looking at favors and frocks and flowers when one has no reason to buy them. On the other hand, it can make one question decisions already made…choices that can’t be taken back.

Now, when I start thinking “oh I wish I’d done/bought/used such-and-such a thing” I just plan a fabulous house party that incorporates all those products and ideas. Favors aren’t just for kiddie birthdays and weddings. Brides don’t have a monopoly on fresh blooms. And there’s no reason not to dress to the nines if you feel comfortable in a gown…the trick is learning to feel comfortable in a gown when everyone else is wearing slacks. Master that, and you’re golden!

Nicole Miller daffodil silk chiffon satin trim v-neck dressElie Tahari brown floral jacquard 'Natalia' dress

The number one thing I wish I’d known about would have to be Bluefly. I didn’t start seriously thinking of this shop to end all shops as a source for reasonably priced, re-wearable bridesmaids’ garb until after I’d had a pickle of a time badgering my own ‘maids into picking something, anything, because we’re really getting down to the wire, here. Maybe telling them to go to Bluefly would have made everything easier for everyone…then again, probably not.


We gave each of our attendants gift bags full of good stuff, and if I’d known about Pre de Provence soaps I would have thrown some in of their fab samplers. Ah well, there’s always birthdays and Christmas.

For the blog

Looking back, I have conflicting thoughts about my gown. It was too busy, but it photographed well. I loved the neckline, but the dang thing was just too big by the time my wedding rolled around. This dress from Cicada Bridal has a similar neckline without all the geegaws and doodads, and I simply adore the fact that the model wearing it doesn’t look totally evil or chronically malnourished.

For the blog

All of the great paper on Etsy–I’m a huge Etsy fanatic, but somehow it never crossed my mind to do a search there for things like thank you cards and other stationery. Jewelry, yes. Paper goods? Not so much. Ah well, you live and you learn, and you buy things you don’t exactly need because they are beautiful. This fantastic specimen is from K&K Baby Boutique.

Looks like fish, tastes like candy

Candy sushi? HECK TO THE YES. Suedy’s Koo-ki Sushi creates chocolate and sugar “sushi” that looks so much like the real thing that the vegetarian in me gets a little freaked out. Single boxed pieces are tres expensive, but one could always deconstruct the bento boxes and re-package them in bits of tulle.

What got me thinking about all of this is the advance copy of iDo that’s making its way to my doorstep as I write this. With less than a month until my first book is officially released (and my second book proposal is wrapped up), I have weddings on the brain even more so than usual! Add to that the fact that my one year wedding anniversary is in a mere seven days, and you have a recipe for wistfulness.

8 Responses to “Five things I wish I’d known about when planning my own nuptials”

  1. Twistie says:

    Happy soon-to-be anniversary, NtB! And congrats on a second book deal! That’s superfantastic and then some!

    Trust me, though, if your bridesmaids had decisionitis, giving them another source to be indecisive about probably wouldn’t have helped.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have chocolate sushi to peruse. Mmmm…sushi. It’s probably a good thing they didn’t have this when I got married, because I would have wanted them and they might have gotten mixed up with the real thing Mr. Twistie’s mother brought and that could have been a bit of a problem. Still, I think I may get some just because awesome chocolate art is a good thing…and because I can’t afford those cakes I wrote about the other day. (pouts)

  2. Abby says:

    Ooh, I love that dress, too! I liked my dress, but ultimately I don’t think I got it quite right–I knew in my head what I wanted, but couldn’t find it in the stores at my miniscule budget and so settled for “pretty close.” These looks back are indeed a bittersweet pleasure.

    And hooray for your book!

  3. No deal yet, Twistie…I wish, heh. We’re still putting together the last sample so we can hand it off to my agent. Then we’ll just wait and see…emphasis on the “wait.” 🙂

  4. Twistie says:

    (stashes celebratory feast and magnum of virtual champagne)

    Okay, I’ll wait to start the party…but I have no doubt there will be one.

  5. Toni says:

    The trick isn’t being comfortable in a gown when everyone else is in slacks, the trick is affording the gown in the first place. If I’m buying something fabulous, I’m going to wear it, no matter what everyone else is sporting.

  6. Right on, Toni. That makes me want to bust out this purple gown I’ve had forever. It’s in desperate need of some alterations, but it once made all the old biddies at the London Ritz blush!

  7. beeble says:

    I love Pre de Provenance soaps. Don’t forget to check out the Bath and Beauty section of I got some lime shaped soaps for my friend’s bachelorette party gift bag. I also got some personalized lipbalms for the gift bag too. All on etsy.

  8. Check out these deals that a Dynamite Weddings’ bride found recently: Who knew?