Branding your wedding

Monograms are easy to come by — you can get your and your honey’s initials plastered on everything from napkins to invitations to favor bags. At its core, however, a monogram is just a set of letters written in fancy script…and put that way, monograms start to sound rather unexciting.

How do you spice up a set of initials? If you’re one of the many people designing custom wedding monograms for brides- and grooms-to-be, you capitalize on the fact that branding is hot right now and call it a logo. Why does semantics work in this particular instance? My guess is that the same people who think monograms are classy (albeit boring) also want to make their wedding accouterments as individualized as possible.

I googled ‘wedding logo’ and found Love Letters logos, Marry Monograms, and Love Logos, among others. The prices are, respectively, $75, $49.95, and $35, which buys you a logo such as this one from Love Logos:

But if you’re at all artistically inclined or have a friend who was born with the design gene, do you really need to shell out thirty-five smackers to brand your nuptials?

I’d say that the answer is no. The Beard and I didn’t create a custom monogram, thought I do have two good friends who did and I think the results they achieved are way cooler than anything they might have bought.

This is their logo-in-the-rough, created by Chris using buckram. The “C” was fairly obvious, but the “J” was slightly too abstract. He then put the word out among our group of friends that he was looking for someone to replicate the design in Illustrator. Another pal of mine — one who definitely has the design gene — stepped up to the plate and made this:

Like I said, it’s way more interesting than the logos you might source at a shop, though it might not appeal to everyone being that it’s not “traditional.” If I recall correctly, their combined initials appeared on their magnetic StDs, invitations, programs (I got a mention!), and place cards, successfully branding their shindig and giving everyone something to talk about over second and third helpings of wedding pie.

It’s pretty obvious which monogram I like better — which do you prefer?

7 Responses to “Branding your wedding”

  1. Jennie says:

    Your logo wins hands down NtB!! Lovely!

  2. Twistie says:

    So with you, NtB. The homemade one is much nicer.

  3. LadySun says:

    Big surprise, I like the homemade one. 🙂

    See, the thing is, anyone can stick two letters into a heart and call it a logo. It takes artistry to turn two letters INTO a heart.

    And we got off easy, with a C and a J. Could you imagine how that work work with an M and an A, like in the other example? 😀

  4. moxie says:

    Of course I love love love the home-made! I like the fancy, too, but would never pay ridiculous monies for it. Prefer? I have a hard time deciding on things….

  5. momomom says:

    Homemade logos and wedding pies! Anything that makes the event unique to the couple is good in my view.

  6. satori says:

    Oh, I so much prefer the handmade. There’s a fine line between making a wedding look polished and having it wind up looking too slick and over-groomed, like a show pony or something. I prefer the mane of a pony to stream FREE in a BEACH BREEZE!

    Similarly, I really love handmade wedding favors and stuff like that. Homemade cookies, mix CDs, personalized picture frames, stuff like that. (My pony simile may be a wee bit strained, but I’m sure you get the pictcha. :D)

  7. I’m with you there, satori, but I think the horsey simile went a bit far 😉