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Floral hairpins from Ben & Oliver | Manolo for the Brides

Like the Andalusian girls

The world outside my office is absolutely lovely today. The temperature is just about perfect, the sun is shining, and the scent of flowers wafting in through my window is divine. You might just say I have blooms on the brain.

You know who else occasionally has blooms on the brain? Bareheaded brides, that’s who — except the blooms and brains in this case are separated by a nice layer of living organic matter. Done right, wearing a rose in one’s hair like the Andalusian girls used can look smashing.

Your chosen flora can even serve as a symbol of your your heritage if you choose blossoms native to your ancestral lands or wear the same type that your mother, grandmother, or great grandmother carried in her wedding day bouquet.

Perhaps, however, you’d prefer floral headgear that’s less likely to attract insect life at your outdoor wedding or wilt in the sun as you make your way from the air conditioned ceremony to the air conditioned reception? In such a case, I’d recommend flower hair pins…but NOT those nasty rhinestone-encrusted monstrosities you find in shops like Claire’s.

These silver-plated hairpins from Ben & Oliver are long, sturdy, and as pretty as a perfect summer’s day. The vintage floral cabochons and glass stones the seller uses are small but striking, and the perfect accompaniment to a elaborate updo. Plus, at less than seven bucks a pop, they’re probably one of the least expensive accessories you’ll buy!

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