Color…don’t fear it

When I was choosing my wedding colors, green scared me. It seemed too bright for my daytime outdoor wedding in the height of summertime. Now I’m seeing all of these wonderful green, black, and white inspiration boards on the other wedding blogs, and said green is beautifully vivid and not garish at all.

I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t have been afraid of green. After all, I love all green flowers without exception and almost anything limey or appley is all right with me!

So here I am posting my own floral inspiration board with images from The Art of Flower and Old Town Florist in the hopes that it will perhaps inspire some of you.

And for the record, let me also say that you shouldn’t ever fear color. I mean any color! The blue-jay blue, hot cherry red, or Sunkist orange you’re picturing in your mind may seem like too much for a wedding, but don’t discount it until you’ve done your homework. I’d wager that there are at least some pictures of weddings employing said hues out there in Internetland. You may just discover it’s everything you’re hoping for and more!

5 Responses to “Color…don’t fear it”

  1. Melissa B. says:

    NtB, did you read my mind or something? I love pink, especially deep, bright pink, but I’ve been afraid of using it in our wedding palate. You have given me courage! (Don’t worry, I promise I won’t put my bridesmaids in head-to-toe pink or make the groomsmen rent pink tuxes. But I will ask about those pink gerbera daisies I love for the bouquets.)

  2. Twistie says:

    Oh Melissa B., one of the prettiest brides I ever saw wore a wild rose pink gown…and I’m more or less the Anti-Pink. If you love the color, it will work out in your color scheme.

    Trust me, I’ve seen beautiful weddings designed around pink, yellow, purple, red, green, blue…literally ever color of the rainbow. A wedding is a celebration. Color is always correct at a celebration.

    And gerbera daisies make lovely bouquets. So there.

  3. Nariya says:

    Oh man. Gerbera! Best wedding flower ever! Best flower ever, period! Get ’em; I had to sacrifice them due to budget concerns, but if you can afford them, get them! I will envy you!

    Another alternative that is often looked down on is dyed carnations–they come in almost every color imaginable. We had a few of those in our wedding, and they looked great. No one ever goes to a wedding, looks carefully at the floral arrangements, and turns up their noses at the sight of carnations, so I don’t see why people shouldn’t use them more often.

  4. Val says:

    The only thing is you have to be careful of having flowers dyed. The dye can come off on the dresses and suits and ruin them. Even once it’s completely dry the dye can still get on you and ruin whatever you’re wearing. An easy way to help prevent that is to have the dyed flowers “guarded” by non-dyed flowers and greenery.

    You should still be careful with them, especially when you go to lay them down somewhere (anything porous can be ruined by the flowers), but when you’re carrying it a few bits of well-placed greenery or natural-colored flowers can make all the difference.

  5. Nariya: Carnations can be gorgeous! I, too, am always surprised when people reject them out of hand.

    Val: Thanks for the tip! I wasn’t aware that stem dyeing could cause unintended color transfers, but it’s important to know.

    In that vein, check this out: