Be Inspired By the Great Poets…Like Dr. Seuss

Wedding vows. These are the words that bind a couple in marriage. Some couples take comfort and inspiration in repeating the same words their faith has been using for generations upon generations. Others prefer to strike out on their own to create something uniquely personal. Each approach has its benefits and drawbacks. The decision is one I wouldn’t dream of attempting to make for you, but I will give one piece of advice: consider carefully before doing an original set of marriage vow verses in the style of Dr. Seuss.

The gentleman who wrote these vows was saddened by the fact his bride refused to use them. While I think the parody is clever and oddly charming, I must admit I can understand the lady’s choice…but if Mr. Twistie ever expressed a willingness to have a vow reaffirmation ceremony, I might just keep this on file for such an occasion. Your mileage may vary, but I found this bit both funny and quite sweet:

Pastor: Will you love her when you’re fit,
And also when you’re feeling sick?

Groom: Yes, I’ll love her when we’re fit,
And when we’re hurt, and when we’re sick,
And I will love her when we’re rich
And I will love her in a ditch
And I will love through good and bad,
And I will love when glad or sad,
And I will have, and I will hold
Ten years from now a thousandfold,
Yes, I will love for my whole life
This lovely woman as my wife!

Certainly nobody could question the commitment of a groom who expressed himself so forcefully and completely on the subject, could they? I do wish the bride’s version of the vows had also been included.

Whatever words you choose to express your vision of love, comittment, and family, choose them with care. These are words that should stand the test of time…ten years from now a thousandfold.

5 Responses to “Be Inspired By the Great Poets…Like Dr. Seuss”

  1. Bitter says:

    I don’t think the excerpt here begins to do the vows justice. I read this little bit to my boyfriend and he thought it was mildly amusing. When I clicked through and read the entire thing, he said, “That is great! Don’t marry a witch who can’t find that amusing!” And that is just one of the many reasons I love him. 🙂

    In other words, everyone should click through. You’re missing out on true wit if you don’t.

  2. Mango says:

    Is fit supposed to rhyme with sick? Because it doesn’t. And Dr. Seuss never stooped to slant rhyme.

  3. Jennie says:

    @Mango-Actually he did several times! ;-D I would not only allow this, I would cherish it forever. A romantic with a sense of humor! I’m in love…

  4. Vis Major says:

    I can understand that these vows might not be for everyone, but I found the sentiment & the delivery very sweet. I’d also like to see the bride’s version.

  5. I love it! If The Beard had wanted to do something like that, I would have been all for it, and I know our families would have been utterly smitten by his choice.