There’s Something Fishy About That Cake

If I had to pick the meaty thing I miss the most since going veg, I’d have to choose sushi and sashimi. Many of my friends would be surprised to read that I didn’t say bacon, but to tell you the truth, I never much cared for the stuff. Nope, raw fish was my bag, so you’ll forgive me if I spend just a tad too long looking at this masterpiece of a wedding “cake.”

It was created with love for Jef and Jin Yoon by friends of theirs who couldn’t attend their wedding. One of said friends, a certain Christina, decided to do a little something different when Jef asked that their post-nuptial celebration include sushi. Thus, the sushi cake was born!

Should you feel driven to make your own sushi cake, you are indeed in luck, for Christina posted a DIY tutorial explaining exactly how to layer the fish, the rice, and everything else that went into this unique piece of edible art.

8 Responses to “There’s Something Fishy About That Cake”

  1. Twistie says:

    The cake is, indeed, amazing, but what made me giggle with delight was the bride and groom rubber duckie on top.

    Yes, I am six years old inside sometimes. Why do you ask?

    (sings) Rubber duckie, you’re the one
    You make my bathtime lots of fun
    Rubber duckie I’m awfully fond of you

  2. Kate says:

    I love sushi and sashimi also…my only concern would be that this “cake” would need to be eaten ASAP. It’s not a good idea to leave raw fish sitting around at room temperature.

  3. ladyjane says:

    Mmmm… Sushicake!

    Unfortunately, the FI doesn’t share my love of raw fish 🙁 That’s the only other real problem I can see with making such a delectable treat– what about the guests who aren’t fond of sushi and sashimi?

    @ Kate: Maybe it’s one of those cakes you’d keep in the fridge and have a big “ta-dah! the cake!!”

  4. La BellaDonna says:

    Psst! “Too” long, NtB!

    To each her own; I must confess, this cake reminds me that this is why there’s chocolate and vanilla in this world …

  5. Kate: I imagine it would be kept cool until showtime. I recall preferring my sashimi at something like room temperature, as risky as that might have been!

    ladyjane: For those not keen on fish, one could serve a buffet of other dinner choices and a sampling of lovely chocolate dipped fruits for dessert. My favorite weddings have almost always been those where there was all sorts of food to be had.

    La BellaDonna: I would truly be lost without your wonderful eagle eyes!

  6. Audrey says:

    I too adore the sushi/sashimi more than bacon. I could eat it every day..bacon I could only take once or twice a week. This sushi cake looks so delicious it’s making me want to drive out to my favorite sushi spot right now! Minus the bizarre topper of fruit cake, of course. *grin*

  7. I love sushi, sashimi and soy beans too. My biggest fear would be that I would feel compelled to eat this masterpiece even after sitting out all day! How awesome and probably not that cheap to make.

  8. KTB says:

    Love it, although the fiance wouldn’t be on board. Sigh. I am totally using those rubber duckie toppers for my real cake though–so cute!!!