Who Says Young Love Is the Best Kind of Love?

I do hope that Sandy Ouellette, owner of Desired Weddings*, will forgive me for using her wonderful photograph. Ouellette wrote that the wedding pictured above was the most exciting wedding she’d ever attended, which I can’t say I find particularly surprising. You simply have to expect the unexpected when the blushing bride is 101 years old and the dashing groom is a young 106.

For the reception, the groom changed into his prison wear because, he said “Now I really have a ball and chain.”

When you’re almost a decade past the century mark, you can get away with almost anything!

*Desired Weddings is worth a look if you’re a plus-sized bride-to-be and in the Putnam, CT area. Ouellette knows what it’s like to walk into a bridal salon and feel out of place. In her personal message on the shop’s web site, she writes: “Did you know that the average size today is 14 and above? Yet, how often have you walked into a bridal shop and couldn’t try on a dress because they didn’t have your size or anything close to it?”

2 Responses to “Who Says Young Love Is the Best Kind of Love?”

  1. AmazonPrincess says:

    I have to admit that the ‘ball and chain’ made me giggle. It’s nice to see that a sense of humor doesn’t go away with age 🙂

    But the image reminds me of something from the SF Gate during the first week of same-sex marriages

    Images here.

    The first couple pictured have been together for 55 years, and there’s a picture of them when they were younger a couple spots further in the gallery. It made me tear up.

  2. I teared up, too, AmazonPrincess. I’m such a softy! It looks like they had A LOT of well-wishers present, and I hope their voices drowned out the voices of any who may have been there to put forth a negative opinion.