NtB Loves: Asian Inspiration

It’s going to be a light week here at MftB because I am, as I write this, in Spokane, WA visiting with my lovely MIL. I thought that for the next few days, in honor of the woman who birthed The Beard and the fact that my computer is thousands of miles from here, I’d do away with the hate and just stick with the love. Planning a wedding usually involves buying at least a little something — e.g., a cute birdcage veil or a new pair of earrings — so why not make it a special little something?

Asian wedding

I’m a big fan of Asian inspired reception decor and favors — everything above comes from Social Couture, but (HINT! HINT!) the look can be replicated easily and inexpensively with accessories from the craft store, eBay, the Oriental Trading Company, and Amazon.

You can start with the paper lanterns!

paper lanterns

5 Responses to “NtB Loves: Asian Inspiration”

  1. Twistie says:

    NtB, if you’re doing the love this week I guess it will be up to me to provide the acid…but then you go and pair orange and Asian, two things I love, too.

    Damn you, NtB! You make it impossible for me to be curmudgeonly!

    Have a grand time in Spokane.

  2. I do my best, Twistie!

    So far, Spokane has been rainy with isolated instances of driving hail. Inside weather at its finest.

  3. Dianasaur says:

    Welcome to Washington. Sorry Spokane is so crummy. Auburn is pretty nice right now.

    I love anything Asian inspired after 15 years living in Hawaii. Paper lanterns definitely set the mood. The fans are great too. You could get little bonsai trees as centerpieces, and maybe an origami paper crane on each plate, since the crane symbolizes good fotune and longevity.

  4. I love the bonsai idea, Dianasaur!

    (Oh, and Spokane has gotten a lot nicer…just as we’re getting set to leave, naturally.)