NtB Loves: Hair Jewelry

For those brides-to-be who don’t care for veils or hats or elaborate updos but still want a little flair for their hair, there’s always hair jewelry. There are no wrongs or rights when it comes to wearing it so anything goes. Pin yours in front, in back, or to the side…wherever you want some sparkle.

hair jewelry

Hardwired sells hair jewelry (which I love, of course) in two pretty incarnations — pins and curves. I personally prefer the curves because you can wear them no matter how long or short your locks are!

6 Responses to “NtB Loves: Hair Jewelry”

  1. blablover5 says:

    Ooh I love the first one. I would have looked more into the hair jewerly if my MOH hadn’t been dead set on me getting a veil (she’s very, um, opinionated).

    Though she has picked a hair style that could have some added. Hm.

    Have you found anything with a deeper blue? It’s so hard trying to find wedding stuff that isn’t baby blue.

  2. Twistie says:

    I wish my ridiculously fine hair would hold those pearl picks, but I’m not sanguine it would work.

    So, so pretty, though. And I know my hair would hold a curve if I did it right.

    What? Just because I’m an old married lady doesn’t mean I don’t want festive hair jewelry, too!

  3. blablover5: Tell me about it! I had a heck of a time trying to find dark blue wedding stuff when I was trying to put together a selection of blue and silver accessories, etc., for a post. It’s out there, but not at all easy to locate since baby blue and Tiffany blue seem to be the dominant blues out there in the wedding world. I found a few darker blue pins here and at this site.

    Twistie: I have ridiculously thick hair and I don’t think they’d stay in my hair either!

  4. Melissa B. says:

    I’ll third the call for more dark blue in the wedding world! I’m starting to hate Tiffany blue just because it’s so darn ubiquitous. (Very mature of me, I know.)

  5. La BellaDonna says:

    Twistie, as another fine-haired girl, I find using a nice, reasonably cheap and therefore sticky hairspray helps hold those hair doodads much more easily. It gives them something to grip. Try gunking your hair up a trifle – that is, use some hairspray on your hairdo and start testing to see if the little ‘dads will stay.

    NtB: *sigh* Thick hair. More work, but so much much much much better to have.