Just in Time for Halloween

The first Halloween decorations are going up in my neighborhood, and all of the local discount stores are filled to bursting with costumes, so I thought I may as well start posting wedding stuff appropriate for those with a love of ghosties and goblins. Not to worry — I don’t plan on besieging you with undead brides and grooms for the next twenty-five days, but do expect Halloween-themed nuptials and accessories to pop up now and again in the following few weeks.

Halloween cake

I’m particularly besotted with this The Nightmare Before Christmas cake from Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake. If I lived in Costa Mesa, CA, you can bet I’d spend much of my time with my nose pressed up against the glass or inside, browsing the store’s extensive library of books on desserts, pastry, design and culinary arts.

If you’re not a Halloween fan, don’t be put off by the subject matter. Let Them Eat Cake has plenty of gorgeous and traditional cakes in addition to their more playful offerings.

PS — A friend of mine is selling her wedding gown, so if you’re in the market for one and also in the north shore, MA area, have a look.

9 Responses to “Just in Time for Halloween”

  1. Twistie says:


  2. KTB says:

    I love that cake. It is so cute!!!

  3. blablover5 says:

    For anyone who wants a zombie cake topper or anything other halloween cake topper ish I had this cool thought to get a figurine from Lemax’s spooky town (they have a zombie bride and groom).

    If you just add a little something like some tombstones it would look super cute as a cake topper.

  4. Aleksy says:

    Nice wedding cake. I can only make shortbreads 🙂

  5. blablover5: Great tip! My favorite little scene has to be the mummies cuddling with one another on the park bench 🙂

    Alesky: This is one of those cakes I would not recommend people try at home unless they’ve been baking wedding cakes professionally for some time. There’s nothing wrong with a nice shortbread — in fact, a wedding shortbread would be a lovely post-reception-dinner treat.

  6. Weddingish says:

    What a cool cake for Halloween weddings!

  7. La BellaDonna says:

    For heaven’s sake, it’s October! I’m HOPING to be besieged with undead brides and grooms! At least their love is eternal!

  8. Fabrisse says:

    The cakes at that site are stunning. The Sound of Music one wasn’t my cup of tea (although the cup of tea one later was), but it was still beautifully rendered.

    My favorite had all sorts of suitcases and trunks with labels. *squee*

  9. La BellaDonna: Yours is definitely one of my favorite ever comments 🙂

    Fabrisse: I’ve seen a whole bunch of those suitcase cakes in the past two years. I like them, too.