The Butt Bows Have Migrated Once Again

Let me preface this post by saying I love Lynn Lugo bridesmaid dresses — the colors are gorgeous, there are silhouettes for a variety of body types, and the fabrics are lovely. That said, I’ve never hidden my disdain for the butt bow, an accessory that adds bulk precisely where most bridesmaids would like to avoid adding bulk. It now appears that the giant butt bows that became giant boob bows late last year have moved yet again.

Enter the giant gut bow, an embellishment that does what the butt bow does, except in the tummy area.


I know that when I think of the perfect attendant’s dress, I envision something that will draw attention to the curve of my stomach. Wait, no, that’s not quite right… My bad! I meant to say that I like dresses that make my stomach look as flat as possible, even now at four months of pregnancy. Big ol’ bows that compel people to stare fixedly at your bridesmaids’ bellies? Why would you want to do such a thing?

12 Responses to “The Butt Bows Have Migrated Once Again”

  1. blablover5 says:

    I don’t get the bow thing at all. No matter where it is a huge bow just makes the bridesmaids seem like some sort of weird walking present to the bride.

  2. Wow. You’d have to be concave to make that look good.

  3. Twistie says:

    Oh this is the perfect look for those of us who have bellies as big as our boobs!

    Seriously, though, what is the deal with the oversized bows? A nice sash can be pretty. A small bow can have charm. An oversized bow simply sticks out like a sore thumb making the wearer look like a doofus.

    I can find sympathy in my heart for nearly any potential fashion trend, but it has long seemed to me that butt bows (wherever they may be placed on the victim’s anatomy) were created purely to make sure the bridesmaid looks stupid so she can’t possibly be prettier than the woefully insecure bride. Of course that doesn’t explain the ones plopped down on bridal gowns.

    The theory is a work in progress. I haven’t ironed out all the wrinkles yet.

  4. Tara says:

    Ha ha ha …. migrating butt bows are funny. I had a CHEST bow dress in college, and I loved that thing like no other. But maybe it’s because that’s an area that could use a little (or a lot of) addition in my case.

    And if you HAVE found any dress that makes a 4-month pregnant belly look flat, please do share! You’ll be the toast of the preggers community. Sure, the bump doesn’t show under really roomy clothes, but then I just come out looking all-round thick. For once in my life, I’m praying for more stomach so that it’s clearly “baby” and not the Ben & Jerry’s sale our grocery store has been running all this month.

  5. blablover5: That explains why I always want to start unwrapping anyone wearing a bow that big. Seriously, the only other time you see them is on really big presents. Maybe there is a nice shiny iPhone hiding in her midriff area?

    Guilty Secret: And even then people would wonder what you’re hiding!

    Twistie: That’s the thing — the Lynn Lugo site has some dresses with absolutely stunning sashes! If these bows had been sashes, this post would never have existed.

    Tara: Oh don’t I know it! I like to joke with The Beard that I’ll be happier with my body when it looks like I have a baby belly and not a “food baby.” Right now I just look like I had a very big lunch…

  6. talda says:

    the bows make the dresses look like they’re supposed to be for the flowergirl instead of the bridesmaid!

  7. jstar says:

    i think the facial expression of the woman on the left in the pink picture sums it all up for us.

  8. Long Island says:

    What is up with those two models holding hands? That one model has such dour expression. For some strange reason that photo made think ahhh the Children of the Corn all grown up.

  9. Twistie says:

    Hee! I thought the same thing, Long Island…until I realized how difficult it must be to smile when the entire design and construction of your dress makes it look like you put it on backwards. After the seventeenth time telling someone ‘no, really, it’s SUPPOSED to look like this’ I’d probably look like I wanted to commit savage acts of violence, too.

  10. Gigi says:

    And the coral dress itself is so pretty – looks like silk shantung or duppioni. Wait, can it be worn backwards and frontwards? Gah, that’s what it looks like in the photo! That stupid bow ruins the entire thing at any rate. Why? Why? Why? Were I forced to wear such a monostrosity I might have to stab the bride or, at the very least, lock myself in the powder room.

  11. Caroline says:

    I know Lynn Lugo makes some pretty dresses, but they have an ad that they keep running that just makes me cringe. Here’s the photo:

    I like how the one in the middle is wearing an her very best bitch face. Though I guess I wouldn’t be happy either if my friend made me wear a giant gunmetal gray sack that flattened my boobs.