Pregnant Matrimonial Models Are Happy Matrimonial Models (Sometimes)

Want to see bridal models with good posture, normal stances, and happy faces? You may have to get knocked up first. It’s not that every maternity wedding dress designer uses smiling models — the models at Sarah Houston are scowling at me in their pretty frocks as I type this — but your chances of seeing a grin or two go way up when you’re looking at maternity gowns.


Just look how happy this model is in her Bjorn & Me dresses in (from left to right) chiffon with handsewn beading, satin embellished with Italian lace, and matte satin with French lace. Who knows if she’s actually pregnant…I’m not seeing much evidence of a bump under all that fabric. It’s just so nice to see a model who actually has a smile on her face! And besides that, I just happen to like these wedding gowns.

6 Responses to “Pregnant Matrimonial Models Are Happy Matrimonial Models (Sometimes)”

  1. Twistie says:

    These gowns are lovely! No wonder the lady is smiling so brightly…even though I know she was paid to do so.

    I get so tired of seeing scowling faces on bridal models. You’d think at least a few designers would get the idea that making it look like their gowns induce heartburn or homicidal mania might not be helping sales as much as possible.

  2. yeah I agree.. I don’t believe looking like an angry heroin addict would sell more dresses..
    I think these gowns are really pretty in their own right. I love empire lines and will probably wear that style even though I’m wont be preggers.. just to keep Grandma guessing.. haha

  3. That’s sneaky, WestAussieWedding 😉 But it happens — a relative of mine was convinced that I hid a pregnancy when younger because they saw one (1) picture of me in a big shirt! They never called me on it, but they did share their suspicions with relatives.

  4. Coralie says:

    Smiling models? What an innovation! And they look good too!
    Designers need to take note – maternity wedding dresses look great with a happy model. After all – maternity brides are abouit to have a double celebration.

    WestAussieWedding – loved your comment! Families can be such a pain but it’s great to turn the tables on all that prejudice too!

  5. MamaBridal says:

    There are so many lovely dresses from Bjorn & Me and Tiffany Rose. We also stock dresses from Nicole Mithcelle for the USA at our online store Mama Bridal.