Yet Another Nintendo Wedding Cake

I’m a total sucker for Nintendo wedding cakes, even though my own gaming is limited to weekly sessions of World of Warcraft. I especially like video game wedding cakes that look like they are poised to fall right over, like the Super Mario Galaxy cake I blogged about in July. This time, the wedding cake I’m digging on comes from Oh Chris!, one of my favorite dorknerds ever.


This cake was served at the wedding of Frank and Paige Hackett, two serious gamers who must have a thing for the beach level of Super Mario Galaxy.

The cake’s base is inspired by the beach level in Mario Galaxy; the middle layer (just underneath the castle) is a kind of spiral bas-relief drawing on the scenery in the Super Mario Brothers worlds; and the massive castle at the top, Frank says that came from a phony screenshot back when people were talking about the “Nintendo Revolution” as the third-gen console.

I’m guessing there are some serious dowels in there, because the castle looks as heavy as it does delicious.

Congrats, Frank and Paige!

2 Responses to “Yet Another Nintendo Wedding Cake”

  1. Frank Hackett says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you liked our cake, it was very special to us and we put a lot of effort into its design!

  2. You’re welcome! I hope it tasted as good as it looked!