DIY: Weddings Are For the Birds

For wedding DIY, you can’t beat ink stamps. The end result of dipping a little rubber into a pot of ink can be professional wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and ceremony programs. I found a wonderful tutorial on the Martha Stewart Crafts web site that demonstrates how to make lovely stationery, seating place cards, and napkin rings for a bird themed wedding (or any other wedding, really).


The end result is shown above, in a pretty milieu that shows how elegantly pink and white can be paired with a subdued bronzish brown. For instructions, keep reading.


All of the materials you need (sans paper) are available on the Martha Stewart Crafts web site, surprise surprise. The prices are surprisingly reasonable, though if you’d rather avoid paying for shipping, try the local crafts shop. First step: Stamp, glue, apply glitter.


A cutting mat and a sharp knife are essential when you’re making paper crafts, as I discovered when unintentionally carving into tabletops during projects. Step two: Stamp, cut, fold.


Step three is just stamp, cut, glue, of course. Stamps make people like me, who have no drawing skills whatsoever, into super wedding DIY masters.

Download the complete instructions here — Thanks, Martha!

4 Responses to “DIY: Weddings Are For the Birds”

  1. DentD says:

    I love dragonflies. Our invitations were simple, printed by a local company. We added a personal touch by putting a dragonfly stamp (found here: on the front of our envelopes. I used both burgundy and a candy apple green ink, doing the stamp twice so that it looked like the dragonflies had a shadow. They looked great!

    I am definitely NOT a crafty person, but stamping all of our invitations took no more than a couple of hours. Super easy and it made everything look so much nicer.

  2. Awesome, DentD! I like the candy apple green and burgundy combo.

  3. De says:

    I *just* bought some stamping materials this weekend for invitations…

    I’m still up in the air on how I want the finished product to look, but I’m really liking how a simple stamped image graphically changes things.

  4. Good luck, De! I think my favorite thing about stamps is how they mimic some of the trendier printing options available right now, but they’re so easy to do oneself. Let us know how your stationery turns out.