A Manly Arrangement

(To those wondering where this post went…well, I have no idea. It was on the blog when I left the house, and when I got home, it was gone. It’s back now and hopefully here to stay!)

Flowers for grooms have typically been limited to boutonnières, but with gay marriage once again hitting the news, I’m actually hoping for a surge in nicely arranged wedding flowers designed specifically for men. I’m not suggesting, of course, that all gay grooms will opt to carry a bouquet, but I’ve seen enough videos of happy flower-friendly men tossing their bouquets to know that some do. Nor am I suggesting that straight grooms can’t carry wedding bouquets if they want to — the standard ‘to each their own’ disclaimer always applies at Manolo for the Brides.

Bouquets for men…what would they look like…


I’m envisioning plenty of greenery and maybe even some grains, like these bouquets from Petals With Love. Darker colors, with more bronzes and deep purples come to mind, though there’s no reason why a groom marrying a groom couldn’t carry pink or yellow wedding flowers if he wanted to. Finally, I imagine the groom’s bouquet would be rather smallish, or at least not as big as some of the larger bridal bouquets.

How do you envision the groom’s bouquet?

11 Responses to “A Manly Arrangement”

  1. Nariya says:

    You know, I’d imagine it to be similar to a bouquet that I would carry. A simple bunch of hand-tied flowers and greenery… maybe roses, or maybe something in blues. I’d avoid a cascade of flowers, simply because those might look weird with a tux, as opposed to a more voluminous/flowy gown. Maybe.

    Those bits of wheaty stuff make the pink ish bouquet look like it’s trying too hard to be masculine. And I was never fond of green-only bouquets, personally.

    Addendum: My husband says that if he were the type to carry a bouquet, he’d have some hand-tied lilies, some white and some stargazer, with the pink.

  2. Adele says:

    I think Proteas would work nicely.

  3. Jenna Burne says:

    Love the idea of posies for blokies- my groom ended up carrying mine for most of the day anyway-it was so heavy!

  4. Nariya: Your husband knows what he likes 🙂 Cool! The Beard had very little interest in looking at the bouquets I posted yesterday, but he’s not a flowers guy to begin with. I like the bouquet your husband chose, though I might cut off those hanging bits if I was carrying it.

    Adele: Oooh, yeah. Nice choice!

    Jenna Burne: I could see that happening a lot. I left mine — which was also quite heavy and rather like a baseball bat in heft — lying about on various tables and let the little girls at the wedding play with it. There was no way I was going to carry it around while I mingled.

  5. Twistie says:

    As with flowers for the bride, I think it should be left up to the intersection of the taste of the groom and the level of formality of the event. If the gentleman wishes to carry flowers, they should be the flowers he would like to carry arranged in a way that is neither a great deal more nor a great deal less formal than the rest of the event.

    And since nobody lugs the thing everywhere during the reception, it only needs to be sturdy enough and comfortable enough to last the ceremony.

    Cascades? Why not, if that’s what he’d like and it’s nicely done? Nosegays? Probably more in line with what more men would like, and certainly tasteful. Single, long-stemmed flower? You can’t go too far wrong with that unless you’re marrying into royalty or in a huge cathedral. Basically, if it fits the wedding planned and makes the gentleman happy, I’m down with it.

    I’m not asking Mr. Twistie. The only flower he ever brings me is roses because they’re pretty much the only flower he recognizes on sight and he knows I like them. If anyone tried to suggest he might carry a flower, he’d run for the hills so fast his feet might not actually hit the ground until he got there. That, too, is fine by me.

  6. blablover5 says:

    I think in general it’d be cool to have an old throwback to the aromatic bouquets of old and have one made not so much of flowers but herbs.

  7. It is a Greek tradition for the groom to bring his bride flowers on the church steps but he first has to walk through the town on the way to the church carrying the bouquet.

  8. ringless says:

    Does he also give his bride a diamond engagement ring, or is that just for American brides?

  9. Angie says:

    I think this is an awesome idea, sort of. If the girls all have to hold on nto something during the ceremony, we should weigh down the guys too 😉

  10. That’s one form of equality of the sexes, Angie!