A Wedding Gown All Over the Map

Photographer Tatiana Morozova snapped this photo of a gown with some serious identity issues.


Putting aside for the moment the fact that only brides born without nipples can reasonably wear this wedding dress, what is up with the belt? And that skirt… I could take it if the ruffles went all the way around or the entirety of it was lace. Overall, the combo of the belt, the ruffles, the lace, and yes, the see-through top leave me wondering just where I ought to look.

15 Responses to “A Wedding Gown All Over the Map”

  1. jstar says:

    yikes. just yikes.

  2. Melissa B. says:

    Overall, the combo of the belt, the ruffles, the lace, and yes, the see-through top leave me wondering just where I ought to look.

    May I suggest looking away from the dress?

  3. Twistie says:

    I know where to look. I would look at a completely different rack of dresses.

  4. Diana says:

    I would simply look away!

  5. LadySun says:

    But … it’s like a train wreck. You know you SHOULD look away, and you really WANT to look away, but you just can’t help yourself.

    I don’t think that’s the kind of attention I would want at my wedding…

  6. laila willen says:

    I couldn’t look away. I couldn’t stop staring! There is a new site coming on line for over-40 brides – very overdue. http://www.babyboomerweddings.com. Do you think wiser heads will prevail? Amazing. . .

  7. Roya says:

    What is it with Russians and wedding dresses?

    I know, being chinese (boy do we love shiny shiny), it is the pot calling the kettle black to criticize, but what’s with the skankiness?

  8. Fabrisse says:

    But it’s so ugly!

  9. This dress shows that the bosoms are real, or at least not padding. Maybe next a wedding dress that will expose the hoo-ha, showing that the hymen is intact.

  10. La BellaDonna says:

    I am a woman who prefers over-the-top to understated good taste any day. That said, I would HOPE for a top. There are too many things going on here at once, and the designer didn’t have the ovaries to pick one and run with it. Ruffles would be fine, lace would be fine, LACE RUFFLES would be fine – but each one is done only half-heartedly. It’s skimpy, yet excessive; bare, but unflattering. I would have done a hold-your-breath lace and illusion, Married to the Russian Mob dress that would frighten yet impress everyone – in fact, everything except that belt, left over from a 60s pantsuit, whence it should return.

  11. Little Red says:


  12. Fabrisse says:

    This dress has haunted my codeine induced dreams for the past couple of days. It finally occurs to me this dress is for an LDS wedding. It becomes far more acceptable if you imagine the traditional garments under it.

  13. Twistie says:

    Fabrisse, I believe you may have meant to say that this gown is for an LSD wedding, in that it would take heavy hallucinagenics to make it look good.

  14. To me this dress is really lacking in the taste department. A wedding should be elegant and not a potential ad for Hooters.

  15. To every commenter on this post: Y’all are seriously cracking me up. I think Melissa B. and Twistie got it right when they suggested looking anywhere but at the dress!