Bridal Necklaces, Four Ways

It’s Monday (again), and perhaps you took the weekend off from the rigors of wedding planning so you and your sweetheart could have some quality time. Now that you’re back at your desk reading wedding blogs and thinking about all the things you still have left to buy for your nuptials, it’s time for some inspiration. On the chance you have not yet bought your bridal jewelry, here are six looks from Haute Bride in San Francisco that may get your creative juices flowing.

Bridal Jewelry from Haute Bride

The question, of course, is which to buy or emulate or craft! Most brides choose their bridal jewelry after picking out and putting a deposit down on a wedding gown, but if you’ve fallen in love with a certain style of necklace, there’s no reason you can’t base your wedding day look on your jewelry. While almost anything goes, there are some bridal necklace basics of which every bride-to-be should be aware.

Short Looks
Neck hugging necklaces are lovely when paired with strapless bodices (and long-necked brides), though don’t discount chokers if your wedding gown ends just below your collarbone. A substantial choker will look smashing sitting just above a boat or jewel neckline.

Insubstantial Looks
Simple, minimalist strands worn close to the throat (think y-drop or princess style necklaces) complement bateau and scoop necklines beautifully. Thin necklaces are a practical choice for brides who don’t want their jewelry to outshine their wedding dresses and/or want to wear their bridal necklace again.

Layered Looks
Necklaces can be heaped one upon the other or made to look that way, but almost all layered looks will pair best with simple, unadorned, low necklines. Layers of thicker necklaces can lessen the jarring impact of a plain strapless neckline, while thinner layers can add softness to a square neckline.

Long Looks
Necklaces with enough length to hang loose on both sides of the bride are best worn with wedding gowns that plunge in the back as well as the front… so the necklace itself can take center stage. This look is even more dramatic when the necklace is augmented with a jeweled brooch.

Personally, I opted for a loose but rather thick one-strand choker paired with a off-the-shoulder neckline. Now I’d love to know what you chose to wear or are planning to wear around your neck on your wedding day.

7 Responses to “Bridal Necklaces, Four Ways”

  1. Toni says:

    I wore the same simple, short, clear crystal necklace that my best friend wore for her wedding. She got a kick out of me borrowing it, and it didn’t compete with my colorful embroidered dress while adding a bit of shine around my neck.

  2. That sounds lovely, Toni, and how sweet of your friend to let you borrow it 🙂

  3. Twistie says:

    I didn’t wear a necklace for my wedding. Then again, I wore a high-necked gown with an elaborate bodice and I had a large brooch on my shoulder holding my arisade in place. No, it wasn’t a look that really called for a necklace.

  4. Great post — I find that a lot of brides don’t know what jewelry to wear with their gown. Most brides just go with a single pearl necklace or a solitaire.

  5. Twistie: Someday I simply must see one of your wedding photos!

  6. Jenna Burne says:

    Long look for me- I love the 1920’s feel

  7. WOW! I love those dress and necklace combinations! I wore pearls at my wedding, and finding them online is definitely the way to go!