Edible Eye Candy

Oh, Amy Atlas… I couldn’t have afforded an event planner to handle my wedding, much less one highly sought-after in New York City like yourself, but when it comes to dessert, I can certainly aspire to be you. Atlas, you see, specializes in creating perfect dessert tables for high-end events, and perfect they are.

black and yellow wedding

Here, custom yellow and black chocolates, licorice mints, and lemon cupcakes complement a graphic tiered cake. This table of sweets was designed for a company party, but would look utterly smashing at a modern wedding with a yellow and black theme.

Beware dieters! The close-up shots of the various sweets are gorgeous enough to make a girl salivate for something sugary, and there are more colorful candy pics from Amy Altas’ portfolio after the cut!

pink wedding

Amy Atlas designed this bold, patterned dessert table for a bride and groom whose wedding invitations featured a cherry blossom theme. In addition to raspberry truffles, chocolate, and mini cupcakes, the table features custom lollipop trees. I love it when everything is edible!

green wedding cake

This green dessert table complete with a sophisticated tiered cake was created for a Mother’s Day brunch, but would nonetheless be perfect for a springtime wedding. It was rounded off with custom cane cookies, fondant-covered petit fours, and French macaroons. There was also a kid’s dessert table featuring Jordan almonds, malt balls, taffy, and jelly beans.

classic candy buffet

A classic candy shop dessert table like this illustrious specimen designed by Atlas for a bat mitzvah can augment your wedding cake or replace it altogether. You can kill two birds with one sweet stone by leaving favor bags out so guests can snag some candy on their way out the reception venue door.

Is anyone else hungry? Because suddenly, I’m hungry.

6 Responses to “Edible Eye Candy”

  1. MissPinkKate says:

    Love the candy table in the last picture! Candy makes for great table displays because it’s so colorful; I would think anyone could get up something like that for a modest price.

  2. Twistie says:

    The great thing is, even on a limited budget it would be easy to take the inspiration and use it to create a really striking buffet/dessert display. So much of what makes these pop gorgeously is thoughtful use of color and scale, which is within anyone’s reach with a little consideration.

  3. MissPinkKate: I think I’m going to add a little recipe for an easy DIY candy buffet to this post because you’re absolutely right. Both candy and apothecary canisters (and scoops!) can be had for cheap, cheap, cheap.

    Twistie: BINGO! This is probably one of the easiest DIY wedding projects out there, and it’s almost as easy to set up as the “fruit in a bowl” centerpiece!

  4. MissPrism says:

    I LOVE that pink one!

  5. I used the picture of the candy buffet with the flags in the background as my inspiration. You can see the pictures here: http://michellefrome.blogspot.com/

  6. Absolutely wonderful, Michelle! Yours looked lovely — and now I want a giant lolly.