DIY Wedding Favors, Edible and Pink

If I was a less responsible person, I would have had chocolate for breakfast. As it is, I can’t call myself that responsible as lunch is likely going to be a muffin from a local bakery that tops and fills their baked goods with all manner of frosting and compotes and things. Pregnancy has given me a sweet tooth I never had before. To tide myself over until lunch, I found a quatro of sugary recipes for sweets that would make great (and easy-ish) DIY wedding favors.

pink wedding favors

Here we have beautiful homemade marshmallows, dainty French macarons, quirky pink popcorn balls, and cookies laden with heaping handfuls of more marshmallows. Follow the links below for the recipes.

I’m in a pink wedding frame of mind, but you can switch up the hues for every potential wedding favor pictured here except the strawberry marshmallows, which are colored a delicate pink by the addition of strawberry puree. I think I could have baked up my own wedding favors (or even my own wedding cake) but I was dissuaded from doing so by well-meaning relatives. Are you going the kitchen-centric DIY route when it comes to your wedding favors?

4 Responses to “DIY Wedding Favors, Edible and Pink”

  1. Alexie Mayone says:

    We’re not going the kitchen route for our wedding favors, really, but our favors are food-related. We’re giving our guests personalized bottles of wine. We bought the wine from a local winery and we’re going to customize them with personalized wine labels from

    I love those homemade marshmallows, though!

  2. Ashley says:

    Alexie, that is such a great idea! I really love the idea of sending guests off with a bottle of wine so that they can continue the celebration later. 😉

    I always like edible favors best. I suppose it would be ideal to have a combination of things – maybe a half-dozen cookies in a wedding-date-stamped mug or something? – so that guests can get something durable along with their goodies. I just think that food in general is wonderful and that you can’t really have too much of it. 😀

    Those macarons are lovely.

  3. Alexie Mayone: What a fun idea! It makes me wonder, in fact, if we have any local wineries in my area because that sounds like a great holiday or birthday gift.

    Ashley: I’d be more than happy taking a favor like that home. I can always use another mug… and some more cookies!

  4. Steph says:

    Love the pink! But needs more chocolate 😉