I Am In Love With This Fabric

I don’t have much to say today, recovering as I am from the usual post-Christmas travel stupor. However, I am certainly feeling well enough to both look at photographs of wedding garb and find some amazing period wedding attire for you to covet.

Period bridal gowns

The fabric comes from Hyena, which also provides fabric to one of my favorite gown designers, Alisa Benay. The period wedding gown itself was created by Kindred Spirits, which creates gorgeous garments using the traditional methods of haute couture.

8 Responses to “I Am In Love With This Fabric”

  1. Twistie says:

    Just the fabric, NtB? I covet the whole damn thing like whoa!

    And if that lovely fichu ever happened to make its way into my closet, I would pet it every single day.

  2. T. Beard says:


  3. Twistie says:

    The lacy collar thingy.

    Yes, I have spent way too much of my life with my head in a costume history book.

  4. Thanks for answering that, Twistie! I myself was wondering and yet feeling too lazy (or is that busy) to look it up. I think I’d be afraid to wear that fichu, for I am the sort of girl who manages to snag everything that is even remotely snag-able…

  5. La BellaDonna says:

    I will wrestle you for the fichu, Twistie. NtB, is THAT commercially available? Because I will wear that to work.

    I have probably spent at LEAST as much time as Twistie, looking at costume books! And yes, the whole ensemble is beautiful, and I’d be happy to have the whole thing to play with … but I know I could wear the fichu on a regular basis.

  6. Twistie says:

    Tell you what, La Bella Donna, you can have it mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. I’ll have it tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays. On sundays, we shall drape it over both our fair shoulders and amaze the world with our beauty. Either that, or we replay the knife fight from West Side Story with the fichu in the role of Maria.

  7. Ah, compromise is a beautiful thing. I think I’m tearing up!