Is Your Cat Plotting Against You?

I have a great fondness for LOLcats. Of late I’ve noticed several with a wedding theme, and decided to share them with all of you.

And a final thought….

Always remember: chances are your cat is plotting against you. Be Prepared.

disclaimer: Mr. Twistie is greatly loved by my cat, who has never ever plotted against us except for that one time that’s still going on.

3 Responses to “Is Your Cat Plotting Against You?”

  1. Our five cats would likely be plotting against us if it were not for the fact that they are too busy plotting against one another.

    Or maybe that’s just what they want us to think???

  2. La BellaDonna says:

    Your cat may actually be a tremendous HELP in deciding whether or not a wedding – or a relationship – should take place!

    If you should run into a potential Signficant Other, male or female, and he/she tries to talk you into getting rid of your beloved furry friend, this is a WARNING. Take heed, and run as fast as possible in another direction! This is NOT a person you want to be with. Even if your potential beloved has allergies, there are a lot of shots and meds available. This doesn’t necessarily include persons (often male), who want to be with you, but state categorically that They Hate Cats – but don’t expect you to get rid of yours. This type of person can often be found sneaking tidbits to the “hated” feline, buying toys for it, and cuddling it surreptitiously. When caught, this type of person explains it as “hating all cats BUT (insert your cat here)”. That person is perfectly safe to date and/or marry.

    Of course, there’s a category even lower: someone who may not insist you get rid of your cat, but who mistreats it when he/she thinks you aren’t looking. Ditch that person, preferably after hurting him or her. There’s nothing lower.

  3. Twistie says:

    Oh La Bella Donna, we are being brain twins again. One of the things that really told me Mr. Twistie was a Good Man to marry was the fact that while he hadn’t had a pet since he was a child, he and my cats immediately took to one another. He still every once in a while looks at me in a woebegone fashion and tells me he misses the cat I had when we got married, and she went to her reward some seven years ago.

    And I knew I could never be paired with a dog person, as bad as that sounds. I just am not a good person to be around dogs. I don’t speak dog. Big ones scare me and little ones annoy me. I won’t go for walks on freezing mornings or dark nights. It’s not the dog’s fault anymore than it’s mine, but it’s best that we stay in separate places. If I had dated a dog man, I would have had to bow gracefully out or completely change my ways. Just as any man who dated me had to know up front that it was a case of love me, love my cat.