LOVE/HATE: The Blankie Edition

On truly cold mornings, when it’s frosty outside and I am forced by necessity to leave the toasty warm confines of my blissful bedclothes, a nightgown is not always enough. In my sleep-addled state, I will often attempt to wrap myself up in a blanket before making my way to the espresso machine. Oftentimes, I end up looking rather like this:

Black and white plaid wedding gown

Needless to say, I am not liking this wedding dress. While I can’t proclaim that I hate, hate, hate it — honestly, it does not deserve that level of emotion — there’s not much to speak in this wedding gown’s favor. I’m down with the black wedding dresses, and I’m all for plaids, but the sash curving around the main frame of the gown looks like it was hastily pinned on at the last second by a bride who was either very chilly or had a wardrobe malfunction that a few strategically placed pins could not fix. What this wedding dress needs, in my opinion, is to be deconstructed and then put back together by someone who has a bit more talent with a sewing machine.

What say you?

6 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The Blankie Edition”

  1. It might be cool for a celtic wedding with red and black plaid and a white dress underneath. It kinda grows on you after looking at it for awhile.

  2. sterlingspider says:

    I kinda like the structure actually, though that plaid… not so much.

    Not that I could wear something like that with all my five foot two-ness, but I still appreciate the shape.

  3. SusanC says:

    Judging by the sour expression on the model’s face, she’s not too thrilled with it either.

  4. Sarah says:

    I agree. I mean, I love a good tartan as much as the next person, but the execution could have been better.

  5. Nariya says:

    I don’t think it looks much like a wedding dress. I can see some sassy young red-carpeter pulling it off though.

  6. Charlotte Wedding Photographer: I don’t know… I’ve been looking at it for a while now and I’m still not seeing the allure.

    sterlingspider: I still think the plaid bits look like a pile of drapery.

    Sarah: I have indeed seen some beautiful tartan incorporated into wedding gowns (of the white variety and the black variety and the colored variety). Too bad this has to come along and give them a bad name.

    Nariya: I don’t know. I could see that being posted on Ayyyyy right quick!