The More Things Change

…the more they stay the same, at least where wedding vendors and brides and wedding gowns are concerned. Check out these vintage bridal ads:

Vintage bridal ads

Odd posture? Check. At least she’s doing something, though. I get the feeling that the photographer snapped the model between shots while she was making a necessary wardrobe adjustment on her Priscilla of Boston gown. Or maybe bridal models all had scoliosis back then, too.

Vintage bridal ads

Less than friendly facial expressions on bridesmaids? Check, on the left one at least. Oddly huge bows decorating the posterior region of bridesmaids? Check. Random props — in this case palm fronds — poised to devour the models? Check and check!

But lose the butt bow, and I will gladly shell out “about $40 each” for either of these dresses. Now what I need is the vintage waist to go with them, and I’ll be all set.

6 Responses to “The More Things Change”

  1. La BellaDonna says:

    I’d wear ’em, even WITH the butt bow – but then, I’m not horrified by great huge bows. However, I feel it is important to point out that those are NOT “Random Props”.

    They are fronds of the bride.

  2. Twistie says:

    Fronds of the bride, or fronds of the groom?

  3. daisyj says:

    Nah, I think they’re just some annoying relatives the parents are trying to palm off on them.

  4. La BellaDonna: I’m not horrified by all huge bows, just those that highlight the fact that I’ve “got much back.”

    …Fronds of the bride? Palm off? Y’all are my favorites today!

  5. Sarah says:

    I started feeling much better about all those vintage waistlines once I remembered that in order to get them, those girls had to wear truly uncomfortable girdles every day. Puts things in perspective a bit, I’ve found.