Simple Beauty

Wedding gowns are frequently “busy.” I know my own was — it was festooned with crystals and beading and odd snakes of lace that wound their way about my bodice. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. It’s just that a busy wedding gown almost inevitably ends up standing on its own. I was too aware of my own gown’s embellishments to add much more than a choker, a pair of matching earrings, and a plain gold bracelet. A veil or bridal tiara would have been serious overkill.

The beauty of simple wedding gowns is that you can go nuts with your bridal accessories… or not. The loveliest among them look wonderful without any embellishments at all.

Simple wedding gowns

These wedding gowns are from Vineyard’s 2009 collection and while I’m sure we’d all like to see a few more sleeves, it’s difficult to deny that these dresses are simply stunning.

11 Responses to “Simple Beauty”

  1. sterlingspider says:

    I want the central dress in the top row in every colour of the rainbow so I can wear it for every formal occasion I go to ever again.

    Though that silvery white is lovely all by itself.

  2. jstar says:

    so here’s a question, if we can look this beautiful every day, why do we wear anything else?

  3. Twistie says:


  4. It definitely is hard to find a simple, yet elegant dress nowadays! I really like the bottom right dress; it is so gorgeous and looks like it would beautifully & like a glove!


  5. Mary says:

    I like the middle dress on the bottom for anyone who doesn’t want to draw attention to her boobs. Whether you think they’re too big, too small, or just right, sometimes you want the attention on your face or overall look.

  6. Jessica says:

    My gown is from the 2008 Vineyard collection. No lace, no beading, just a beautiful silhouette! I’m all for simple and classic.

  7. Katie says:

    There may still be a total lack of sleeves, but at least most of those dresses have straps, which is an improvement on the endless parade of strapless dresses!

  8. Claire says:

    This is *exactly* the kind of dress I want. No tulle, no lace, no beading, no embroidery. The one on the top right is just perfect.

  9. Valirae says:

    Ooh I love these.
    That one on the top row right is what I’d love.

  10. anaceli says:

    wow this are some nice wedding dresses…