Making a Change, Saying Buh-Bye

We love vintage wedding gowns and vintage-look wedding gowns here at Manolo for the Brides, but what’s the bride who loves retro styles and modern frocks to do? To her I say that it wasn’t all that long ago that brides changed out of their wedding dresses and into something easier to travel in before stepping into their getaway cars and heading off to their honeymoons.

It’s not a practice one sees much these days, of course. I’ve only ever attended one wedding reception during which the bride changed out of her dress before making her exit. In that case, she put aside her bulky gown in favor of a white leather vest and white spandex leggings… if you couldn’t guess, she was a motorcycle mama and was preparing to ride away on her man’s hog. Good times. But if this vintage tradition appeals to you, why not wear a fun and flirty vintage-look dress from Whirling Turban?

Getaway dresses for brides

Whirling Turban does have some wedding specific designs, though both of these dresses come from their regular stock. The first is made of hand-woven cotton ikat fabric subtly mixed with metallic silver fibers and a sweeping full skirt wrapped around a narrow pencil type skirt that peeps out when you walk. The second is made of the same unique fabric and features a petal bodice with pink contrast and a flattering wrap-n-tie sarong skirt. I like both… too bad I have no reason to buy either!

7 Responses to “Making a Change, Saying Buh-Bye”

  1. ochre ease says:

    actually, you’ve been to two; we changed before we left, since we were going straight to the airport.

  2. Missy says:

    I saw a wedding once where the bride changed out of her wedding gown as soon as the ceremony was over. The wedding was on a ranch and she changed right into jeans & boots.

    I am twisted on this idea. I would really, I mean REALLY love to do something like this since I am a country gal getting married on a ranch, but the bride inside of me won’t let it happen. I only get to wear the dress once and I wear jeans and boots everyday.

    Rest assured that I will be wearing a good looking pair of cowboy boots under my dress! I am a cowgirl at heart and I want who I am to reflect throughout the entire day! 🙂

  3. ochre ease: Ah! I’m not sure, but I think we actually left while you were changing. I remember your car being there for you, but you hadn’t come out yet. Or maybe my brain wants to think of y’all as four different people. YOU WERE WEARING DIFFERENT CLOTHING! IT COULDN’T BE YOU!

    Missy: I say everyone should just wear what they want to wear. Kudos to bluejean brides and to brides who stay gussied up the entire time. I myself thought of changing — my MOH put on jeans and a tank(!) and The Beard’s sister put on a more casual dress — but I also wanted to wear that gown I was only going to wear once for as long as possible. As for your boots, RIGHT ON! That’s cool.

  4. Toni says:

    I’ve mentioned it before, but I changed into a more casual dress halfway through our 6-hour reception, and I now regret that. Sure, I was more comfortable, but that was my only chance to wear the fancy wedding dress.

  5. MercurialgirlWeds says:

    I plan on changing into a second dress a soon as the ceremony is over. I had a slinkier Silvia Tcherassi, which is stylish with beautiful, fashion forward and uber chic for the bride that appreciates the finest quality fabric, cut and fit of the gown. She used classic elements in a non traditional way! I love my Reception dress almost as much as I enjoy and love my Cotoure Romona Keveza. I am thrilled!

  6. Pencils says:

    I like the tradition of a going-away dress, but I was one of those who wanted to wear that gown as long as possible. And I did–since my wedding shoes were comfy, it wasn’t a huge deal. After the reception (over around 6pm, it was a Sunday afternoon reception) my husband and I went to the Border’s where we met for our first date for coffee. Got a lot of attention going into Border’s in full wedding regalia, including a tiara! Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t turn out.

    Anyway, I love Whirling Turban. I almost had a dress made for my honeymoon–I went back and forth with the WT people, but they didn’t have any fabrics at the time that I really loved, and since I was a bit heavier than I wanted to be at the time (my gown fit so I didn’t want to lose any weight, probably one of the only brides in history who didn’t), I didn’t want to spend the money to get a personal pattern made. So I put it off. I still want a Whirling Turban dress–or dresses!–but now I’m struggling with my baby weight. When I get back down to my usual size, I’m having one made, a really sexy one, as a congrats to myself.

  7. La BellaDonna says:

    OOhh, a boot girl! Missy, have you considered getting your boots in white? I’ve seen FABULOUS lace-up western boots in white leather – and also in white leather and lace! Maybe not the best choice for mucking out a stable, but how fabulous for a ranch wedding!