LOVE/HATE: The Dead Petals Edition

Got some netting? How about some dead rose petals? Then you, too, can make yourself a flower girl dress like this one:

white flower girl dresses

Forget Me Knots Bridal describes this flowery frock thusly: Satin bodiece (sic) w/petals in tulle skirt. I would describe it by saying “Ew” and then asking how exactly netting can get melanomas. As flower girl dresses go, this one definitely earns my hatred, which is a pity considering how many cute flower girl dresses there are in the world today.

What say you?

12 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The Dead Petals Edition”

  1. casablancabride says:

    I HATE these dresses with the fire of ten thousand suns. They look terrible and as soon as that little girl spins in a circle or sits down, all those petals are going to rush to the sides or back, respectively. They also look chuncky and weird. And the green colored pictured? Ew.

  2. casablancabride says:

    *ahem* that should say “the green color pictured”

  3. My daughter loves that dress. I hate it so much! Who’s idea was that anyway!! gross

  4. un-bride says:

    I’m with you. Hate it. Mostly because of the moldy color.

  5. Twistie says:

    You know, I could actually see a very different version of this idea being pretty. The keys would be very bright or very pale pastel colors and sewing individual petals into carefully sized and shaped pockets so they can’t shift and don’t sit there looking like extremely unhealthy lumps you’d want a doctor to check out.

    As it stands, this is one of the ugliest flower girl dresses I’ve ever seen.

  6. Pencils says:

    That’s awful. I hate the ones with the petals in just the skirt, and here they have them all over for extra ugliness. It’s true, there are SO many adorable flower girl dresses out there, why have something as awful as that?

    Also, I really like colored flower girl dresses. Are they coming more into style, or are people still putting the flower girl in white like the bride? My flower girl wore a gorgeous buttercream yellow silk dress with a big sash from Pegeen.

  7. SusanC says:

    Eww, if pringles went bad, this is what they’d look like.

  8. mb says:

    Whoa whoa, wait a minute here. When the cute little flower girl sits down on those petals won’t they all crunch up into bits and sift down onto her seat or the floor or everywhere? This seems like a bad idea all around.

  9. Melissa B. says:

    Miss Crab Cake, I love kids’ fashion sense. I once went to school wearing all of the costume jewelry my grandma had given me for dress-up. But if you bought that dress for your daughter, I would bet that in 10 years she would look at your wedding photos and say, “MOM! Why did you dress me in something so UGLY?!” 😉

  10. Missy says:

    Someone tried to be creative but it didn’t work out. I agree it may be an “ok” dress is it were done correctly with bright petals sewn in specific spots.

  11. Nariya says:

    Enh. It looks moldy, but there are worse dresses. The cut is fine; I prefer it to the pageant-esque miniature bride idea, with train and veil. This only earns moderate dislike from me.

  12. La BellaDonna says:

    Once again, I’m in agreement with our Twistie (big surprise, no?). There’s great potential here; it could be pretty. Could be, but is not, not in this iteration. I’ve seen similar dresses sketched from the 40s – very popular for young girls for their dance frocks. I’d opt for perhaps a cluster of flowers on the bodice – in a group near the shoulder, or framing the neckline, or even carefully distributed single blooms – and then artistically scattered – and secured – single petals on the skirt. It really COULD be very pretty.