A Flower Girl Chaser

After yesterday’s disaster of a flower girl dress, I thought we could all use a flower girl chaser (think a unicorn chaser with less horn and more grin).

There’s something undeniably uplifting about flower girls — if they’re happy to be ambling down the aisle, they’re adorable and if they’re just a little afraid to walk the walk, that’s even cuter. Here are four uber cute satin tea-length ball gown flower girl dresses from David’s Bridal, of all places:

David\'s Bridal flower girl dresses

Hopefully these will wipe the sight of that other flower girl dress from your mind!

7 Responses to “A Flower Girl Chaser”

  1. Hehe! I have a pretty decent hate-on for flower girl dresses myself… And the prices! OMG! All for a dress that will likely be destroyed, itchy, uncomfortable or all of the above?!?! I actually just posted about my Monkey’s dress (cotton, swiss-dot, vintage, hand-made by her Ukrainian great-grandmother) here. I think you might dig it!

  2. AACK! Totally posted the wrong link! What a spaz! this should be the proper link! Sorry!

  3. Twistie says:

    Those are great, NtB!

    Accidental Housewife, that’s beyond gorgeous!

    I feel much better now.

  4. Carol says:

    I like the idea of the flower girls holding colorful fabricated windmills, that’s a creative idea. Is that the actual fabric of the bridesmaids’ dresses? This reminds me of a photo I found on a bridal website with a photo of flower girls holding hands http://www.thereisstillhope.net/SlideShow.html. I’m getting married in April and I keep finding amazing ideas. This can be stressful (fun stress).

  5. Pencils says:

    I love flower girls in colored dresses. So pretty! And the pinwheels are a great idea for an outdoor wedding. Gives them something to play with, and something to carry. My flower girl hardly threw any of the petals because she didn’t want to “waste” them. So cute.

  6. La BellaDonna says:

    They seem to me to be perfectly pretty, perfectly sensible, perfectly age-appropriate dresses for little girls – unlike a lot of them out there. I think they’re lovely, and the colours are, well, perfectly saturated – not washed-out pastels, not overly sophisticated.

    A total win. And if they’ve covered the scratchy scratchy gathers at the waistline with a bit of binding, they get the coveted Total Win Plus.

  7. Just thought I’d send an update with the dress once I finished the alterations… cute, no? And COTTON! Gah, why people put little girls in huge HOT dresses for spring/summer weddings, I will NEVER know! lol! Here’s the link. Enjoy!