“I Do… Exterminate!”

Dalek wedding cake

Most of the time I focus on cake topper hate, just because I’m not a fan of the little generic plastic brides and grooms that come in flavors like white, slightly less white, and brown. But I can’t get enough of cake toppers that aren’t wedding cake toppers at all, but rather figurines or toy cars or some other thing that sums up the bride and groom in a quick, sweet way. A bunch of you ladies (and at least one gent) sent me the link to this traditional wedding cake with its most nontraditional cake topper of two daleks. (The red dalek is apparently the bride dalek.) Awesome, no?

Let that be a lesson to all the brides and grooms out there: Never let tradition dictate what, if anything, you put on your wedding cake — your wedding cake will be all the sweeter for being a reflection of you and your sweetie.

Photo by FrozenCapybara

7 Responses to ““I Do… Exterminate!””

  1. jstar says:

    I love it. We are having Doctor Who and Martha on top of our cake in July!

  2. Bernadette says:

    Aw, I thought I was so unique in my plan to have a Dr Who cake topper 🙁

  3. jstar: I could see myself choosing some odd Doctor Who combo, like the Doctor and the Tardis… or Tegan and Davros… But the Doctor and Martha is a lovely choice!

    Bernadette: Who cares if it’s unique if it’s something you and your spouse-to-be are into? It’s still a cool topper!

  4. Storm says:

    My wife and I did the same for our wedding 2 years ago. Here’s a shot of our Bride and Groom Dalek. We were even able to give our groom a top hat!


  5. Diana says:

    I LOVE that! The bowtie on the Dalek man is so funny.

  6. Storm: Awesome! Those are adorable… or as adorable as a dalek can be.