Pink Is for Girls, Blue Is for Brides

Have a girl baby, get gifts, find yourself in a wonderland of pink, pink, pink. That’s the world I’m living in right now, and I’ve never been *that* partial to pink, particularly when it comes to the baby variety. Ditto for baby blue and variations thereof. If those are among your favorite hues, I do apologize, but I personally prefer a palette with a tad more saturation like these from Bespoke Events London.

blue wedding

While this afternoon wedding does look a bit like my daughter’s wardrobe, the depth of color in the tablecloth, vases, and the chairs offset the lighter pinks and purples found in the floral centerpieces. Overall the effect is very warm and feminine without being juvenile.

pink wedding

This evening wedding, on the other hand, is icy cool and very sophisticated. The low blue lighting mirrors the darkness outside and ensures that the silver centerpieces really sparkle.

Both are lovely, don’t you think?

As an aside, Bespoke Events London is the keeper of something they call “The Secret Collection,” an exclusive range of changing secret venues discoverable only by geographical coordinates for the ultimate in discretion and privacy. I can’t imagine ever receiving a wedding invitation with GPS coordinates instead of a proper address, but it could be fun for a theme wedding where the majority of the invitees were technologically savvy.

9 Responses to “Pink Is for Girls, Blue Is for Brides”

  1. mkb says:

    Finding a wedding should never be like finding an illegal rave. Ridiculous.

  2. Melissa B. says:

    Could work for a James Bond-themed wedding. “You will receive the GPS coordinates for the mission at 08:00.” But otherwise I’m with mkb, that sounds a wee bit overboard.

    NtB, I share your fondness for intense color palates. I picked my florist based half on the fact that her website portfolio includes zero pastels!

  3. daisyj says:

    If I were to receive an invitation with nothing but GPS coordinates, I would probably end up in Nebraska. Unless the wedding was in Nebraska, in which case I would be in Florida.

    Unless all your guests are enthusiastic geocachers, I’d file this idea under “cute, but impractical.”

  4. AmazonPrincess says:

    It makes sense for the rich and famous types who get stalker paparazzi at their weddings, but other than that the whole GPS thing seems over the top.

    The purple and pink setting is gorgeous!

  5. Little Red says:

    Both weddings are gorgeous! But would the low blue lighting be skin-flattering?

  6. Pencils says:

    Those are gorgeous settings. I think the GPS thing could be fun, but knowing my friends and relatives, two thirds would have never found the wedding and reception!

    And, yes, if you have a baby girl, you get covered in pink. Initially, the “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” thing annoyed me so much I went so far the other way that I ended up getting a few things in pink because I felt guilty–I do like the color, after all.

  7. Toni says:

    Yellow and green for all!

  8. Hello there,

    I’m one of the designers at Bespoke London. Thank you for your comments.

    The Secret Collection is indeed a particularly extravagant options that some of our more high profile clients with increased security preferences can opt for. We do not provide the geographical coordinates, but rather send the invitations with a portable satellite navigation unit which, at the touch of a single button will lead the guest to the party location by car as well as on foot. It follows the fashion of secrecy and anticipation that can add a sense of excitement to the event and encourage more guests to attend (very useful for promotional events/product launches).

    If you require any information please do contact myself or any of the team.

    All the best,

    Daniel Morris
    Event Design Manager

    Bespoke Events London
    AMC House
    12 Cumberland Avenue
    London NW10 7QL
    United Kingdom

    T+44 (0) 20 8961 1510

  9. That’s pretty intriguing, Daniel!