Need Bouquet Bling? Save 10% at USA Bride.

Word in my inbox is that bouquet jewelry will be the hot new thing in the upcoming months, but I am taking this revelation with a grain of rice seeing as that it comes from a retailer who sells bouquet jewelry. Integrating gems and pearls into bridal bouquets is nothing new, after all, though I haven’t seen many monogram jewels for bouquets other than in shop windows.

bridal bouquet jewelry

Still, said retailer (specifically USA Bride) does claim that sales of bouquet jewelry in 2009 are up 34% over 2008, so who knows… if you’re a bride keen to jump on the bouquet jewelry trend, USA Bride is having a bit of a sale. Should you buy a bit of bouquet bling — or anything else, as far as I can tell — use promo code saving10.

3 Responses to “Need Bouquet Bling? Save 10% at USA Bride.”

  1. SusanC says:

    Hmmm, while they are lovely, that just seems like a case of gilding the lily. A bouquet of flowers should be able to stand on it’s own. Plus imagine how much that one on the right could hurt if improperly caught during toss-the-bouquet.

    But I guess for the princess crowd, it works.

  2. angela says:

    These can easily be a DIY project – some jewellery wire and centre-drilled crystals, some judicious twisting, and voila! Also, if you can find plain hatpins, a little bit of superglue and some pretty beads, you’re set.

    I agree with Susan on this one. Bouquet jewellery, to me, smacks of excess.

  3. colleen says:

    I had bouquet jewels (because I love the sparkle!) but I just gave my florist rhinestone buttons I bought on sale at the craft store and they twisted some wire on. I also didn’t toss my bouquet so no worries there!