Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Seriously Overpampered Edition: The Result


Just wow.

Last week I presented you all with this image for your snarking pleasure:

and you guys hit me back with some ten rib-tickling responses.

I admit that I wavered. I second-guessed. I even waffled, which was quite delicious. I always forget just how tasty and comforting waffles can be…but I digress, yet again.

In the end, there can be but one winner. That is, except when there are two so evenly matched that I am forced to declare a tie. Congratulations, Fabrisse and KTB. You are this week’s joint winners. You may pick the joint of your choice. In the event that you choose the same joint, you’ll just have to share.

What were the winning entries? Taken in alphabetical order of author, here they are:

Miss Havisham: The Early Years coming soon on HBO


Every good bride knows just how important it is to match your shoes and crinolines to the cake.

Congratulations, Fabrisse and KTB, and thanks to everyone who played.

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