LOVE/HATE: The Distant Affiliation Edition

When I got married, I’m only just a little ashamed to say that I bought myself an embroidered sweatshirt that read “N.t.B” on the front pocket and “Mrs. The Beard says ‘Screw Etiquette'” on the back. Seriously, I kid you not — I still wear it today. Now I say I’m only a little ashamed because at the time I felt that my particular sweatshirt was a step above those reading “The Future Mrs. Smith.” No offense to those brides-to-be who absolutely adore those sorts of blinged out tops, but they just aren’t my thing. I did, however, make sure to buy my mom a mother of the bride t-shirt because I knew she’d dig it.

Look at online bridal accessory shops long enough and you’ll see bedazzled tank tops for brides and bridesmaids, hats for the father of the bride, sweatpants whose rear ends proclaim one’s to-be married name, and even accessories for future flower girls and ring bearers. But I can honestly say I have never before seen anything like this:


That’s right — Tip Top Wedding Shop has Groom’s Uncle shirts. The best part? The lettering is done in rhinestones. As The Beard just noted, “Maybe it’s for the fabulous uncle?” Tip Top Wedding Shop also carried sparkly shirts for the groom’s niece, the groom’s grandpa, the mummy of the groom, and the nana of the groom. I can’t say that I love or hate all of the “X of the Y” clothing out there, but I can’t help but wonder how many uncles or grandpas would really enjoy wearing a rhinestone top proclaiming their relationship to the couple to be married.

What say you?

4 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The Distant Affiliation Edition”

  1. Nariya says:

    I would wear a Groom’s Uncle shirt! I would enjoy the puzzled double-takes.

  2. Twistie says:

    Even the most ‘fabulous’ uncles I’ve met wouldn’t wear those. I’m sure someone would, but nobody I’ve met.

    Okay, I see Nariya would, but that appears to be ironically intended, which is a whole different kettle of fish. I would happily join her by wearing a Bride’s Nephew or a Bride’s Great-Grandfather shirt. Those are the only choices I would go with, though.

  3. That is too funny! I could so see my uncle sporting this.

  4. carrot says:

    I would also wear a “Groom’s Uncle” shirt, but I’ve also owned a “World’s Best Dad” shirt, a “Foxy Grandma” shirt, and “Mommy-to-be” panties. Yeah, that’s right. They were not maternity underwear and the tag said “Maternity Announcements.” People are sad and that is funny.