This and That About Weddings and Marriage

Swine flu has been big in the news of late. What does this have to do with weddings? I’m sure it’s factored into at least a few couples’ plans…but I know for certain that it’s altered Seal and Heidi Klum’s annual vow renewal ceremony. Each year since they married in 2005, they’ve gone back to the site of their marriage in Mexico to renew their commitment to one another. This year, however, with worries about swine flu, three small children and another on the way, they’ve decided to play it safe and stay home. They will hold their annual ceremony in Los Angeles rather than skip the festivities.

Yearly vow renewals: what do you think? Me? I think I would prefer to save up an idea like that for a major milestone, but if it makes Heidi and Seal happy (which it seems to do), I say more power to them.

Changing plans for a vow renewal, however, is not nearly as traumatic as calling off an entire wedding, as Megan McAllister and Phillip Markoff did two days ago. The reason for the change in plans? Phillip is preparing to stand trial in the infamous Craigslist murder of masseuse Julissa Brisman last month. McAllister maintains her belief in Markoff’s innocence, but her lawyer, Robert Honecker said in a public statement on her behalf that “…she has to take steps to do what she has to do on her life.”

Whatever the truth in the legal case now pending, I wish McAllister well. This is obviously a difficult time for her. She has my sympathy.

On a more practical note, I’m loving a feature of the website Project Wedding. They feature a vendor review section. Simply choose the area closest to you (choose from urban centers throughout the US as well as several major cities in Canada, England, Australia, and the catch-all section ‘other’), pick the service you’re looking for, and read promotional materials and reviews from customers both satisfied and un.

If you’re looking for a vendor, you might want to read up on how different ones in your area do. If you’ve recently used a vendor who is listed, take a moment and let potential customers know how you felt about the services provided.

5 Responses to “This and That About Weddings and Marriage”

  1. MissPinkKate says:

    I don’t see how she could “maintain her belief in his innocence” but still end the relationship. If my FI was charged with a crime I was sure he didn’t commit, I’d stand by him. Me thinks she knows he did it.

  2. Twistie says:

    Me? I choose to continue to believe in ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ Also, some people handle infamy better than others. It’s always possible that she isn’t as convinced of his innocence as her public statements assure us she is, but it’s equally possible that she can’t handle the thought of being in the full glare of public pity and disdain while the rest of the world makes up its collective mind. It’s also equally possible that there are other reasons why she has chosen to end the relationship. I don’t know. I have only her public statements to go by, and they’ve been carefully worded. All I know is I don’t envy her moment in the spotlight. It’s not a pretty one.

  3. Kedge says:

    I mostly agree with Twistie. It’s entirely possible she does believe he is innocent, but does not feel capable of handling that kind of attention and going through with the wedding. It’s also possible neither of them wants to associate their wedding with a terrible time in their lives, and want to wait until the ordeal is over to start planning their futures together and all that. I can think of lots of other reasons, which would be valid even if she is fully convinced he is innocent.

  4. Jeanine says:

    I love the idea of renewals….as long as it’s something the average person could do, in their own way, I say go for it.

    I have a couple friend that renew theirs every two years, and just do something local. It does seem to be one of the things that keep their marriage “fresh”.

    I wonder…do you have any articles on how to go about planning for a renewal of vows. It certainly won’t be like the orginal would have been…had I had an actual wedding, but I would like to have something to celebrate our 10th year.

    I would love a very simple ceremony with a simple dress, to die for makeup and hair, and a HUGE reception

  5. Jeanine says:

    oops….wasn’t finished with that…

    But just really something simple, but nice, chic, but cheap.

    That’s probably what every bride says, though, huh?