Inspiration for Ashley #2

Today’s Inspiration for Ashley is all about flowers, specifically Gerbera daisies, since Ashley seems partial to them.

The flowers will be BIG and BOLD and in many shades of shocking pink, hot orange, red, yellow, and purple. I want it wild and uncoordinated and OMG LOOK AT ALL THAT COLOR I COULD JUST DIE FROM IT ALL. I am thinking Gerbera daisies for a start, but I don’t know where the finish will be.

Easy enough, since Gerbera daisy bridal bouquets and centerpieces abound. Though bridal bouquets featuring one or two colors of daisy seem to be more common, multicolor examples in line with what Ashley wants can be found. Here is one example in a photo taken by Kellie McCann Photography:


And here’s what a group shot with bridesmaids might look like (from Flowers By Joanne):


Gerbera daisies also make fabu centerpieces for reception tables, if Ashley is planning on using florals on hers.


However, in keeping with the low-key theme, maybe something less complicated? Real Simple outlines what you’ll need to make easy floral centerpieces using big, luscious flowers like Gerbera daises (or sunflowers, as shown) and tin pails. It’s just rustic enough, methinks.


For some reason, though, I’m feeling inclined to nix the daises in favor of something more tropical. My brain is likely moving in that direction because I know Ashley wants hot colors in her bridal bouquet. Hey, it’s just a suggestion, but what a suggestion!


4 Responses to “Inspiration for Ashley #2”

  1. JR says:

    Is anyone else getting tired of gerbera daisies at weddings? I mean, don’t get me wrong – they have wonderful long stems and large blossoms, so it’s really easy to make a bouquet without a ton of flowers. And I love gerbera daisies, they’re so cheerful! But they’re SO popular at weddings!

    I’m really feeling the sunflowers idea. Fall flowers can really POP just like summer flowers without being as … well, as common. Even something as simple as a chrysanthemum, when you get the big pompoms in white and purple and yellow and red and orange, can be really showy. Asters, nasturtiums, marigolds, celosia, strawflowers, hydrangea… there’s really a lot of options! The best part about these is that a lot of them dry REALLY well, and a lot of them can be grown in a summer garden for fall harvesting!

    But then, I mean, I can also totally get behind the gerbera daisy idea because I just love them SO much…

  2. La BellaDonna says:

    OMG. My mouth fell open at the bottom bouquet. It’s absolutely lovely. Not huge, but perfect!

  3. JR: Actually, while I’ve seen lots of wonderfully arranged Gerbera daisy arrangements in magazines and on web sites, I’ve never been to a single wedding that featured even a few of them! I’d love to be able to see them in a starring role in real life. That said, there are indeed many other wedding flower options out there that are just as pretty or prettier, so brides-to-be shouldn’t necessarily limit themselves.

    La BellaDonna: You and me both!