Inspiration for Ashley #5

Finally, we come to the matter of Ashley’s bridesmaids’ dresses. She didn’t have anything to say about that, but I thought I could choose some candidates based on her preferences in the wedding flower and flower girl dress departments. Ashley obviously has a thing for bold, bright colors, and unless she’s planning to opt for bridesmaids in white (hey, it’s been done) it seems likely that she’ll dress her bridesmaids in vivid hues.


It doesn’t get much brighter than these bridesmaids’ dresses from Lynn Lugo. I happen to love the checkerboard frock, though it might look just a touch hokey when worn at a backyard barbecue wedding reception. Then again, maybe not. Plus it would just be a fun dress to have around for future fancy functions.


These dresses from Jenny Yoo are certainly vivid, but perhaps the one on the right is a little too short for the bridesmaid no longer in her early twenties?


I actually don’t know how many attendants Ashley is planning to have, though if it’s more than one, she should definitely think about switching it up a bit. I am still a huge fan of mismatched bridesmaids like these two ladies in their Watters frocks, which seem behind those stairs to have nice body to them.

2 Responses to “Inspiration for Ashley #5”

  1. Toni says:

    I personally think that the yellow dress is a very appropriate length. I’ll admit a predilection for short skirts, but the yellow dress is in no way “mini.” I do agree that it seems more wedding guest than wedding party, but it would be fun for an informal beach ceremony.

    It’s tea length that I’m not fond of. I’d much rather stick to floor or knee-length over the leg-shortening effect of a calf-length dress. (I will give it a begrudging pass when it’s done in a fabulous “vintage” style with a lovely froofy full skirt.)

  2. La BellaDonna says:

    Heh. Whereas I am less fond of above-the-knee length dresses for the over-22 crowd, and extremely partial to tea-length dresses for nearly ALL non-formal occasions!