Your Best Face Forward?

If you simply cannot bear to be away from the face of your spouse for more than a minute at a time, this might just be the wedding band for you.


The Contura wedding band by Thomas Giesen is lathe-carved from platinum, stainless steel, silver, white gold or yellow gold to resemble the silhouette of your spouse’s face. Like it? Acquiring one is as easy as submitting a profile photo along with your ring size (and $580+) to Fitzsu, which then sends your deets along to Germany where it is custom made to look like your sweetie… sort of. When viewed from just the right angle.

Is it just me, though, or would wearing this as a wedding band get uncomfortable after a while, especially if your husband or wife has a large nose or a pointy chin?

2 Responses to “Your Best Face Forward?”

  1. LPC says:

    OK this is just weird. And uncomfortable to boot, you are right.

  2. Twistie says:

    I think this would only be marginally less than miserable to wear with Mr. Twistie’s face…which features a small, rounded nose. It would be a definite misery if one’s spouse had a hawkish or aquiline nose, or even one of any serious size.

    I’m all for sentiment, but comfort does occasionally trump sentiment. After all, I wear my mother’s wedding band not only because it was hers, but also because it fits and is comfortable to wear. If It hadn’t felt good on my finger, it would be stored in one of my myriad jewelry boxes.