Flowers By Mail

You may not know this, but it’s ridiculously easy to find fresh bulk flowers and greens online, and you can save plenty of money on your wedding flowers by buying them… if, that is, you’re ready to whip up your own bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, and centerpieces. It’s not quite as easy to find already made wedding flowers online because searching for wedding flowers or bridal bouquets nets results that are either local florists’ web sites or silk bouquet sellers.


BrideDesign is one of the few wedding flower specialists on the web — at their site, you can order all-inclusive packages containing all of the florals you need. There aren’t many opportunities for customization on the site, but they do offer free consultations so you can speak to someone about the individual packages they offer.

Surprisingly, you can also buy a number of rather nice wedding flower packages (made up of roses, sunflowers, or hydrangeas) at Costco, and you don’t even have to be a member to do it. Then again, maybe it’s not so surprising considering that also sells caskets and $10,000 children’s playhouses and discount caskets for the dead.

Placing Your Order
The only issue, of course, is that you can’t get — and really don’t want — your wedding flowers delivered on your wedding day. Why wouldn’t you want them delivered that day? It’s simple. A day or two of lead time means that any problems with your order can be rectified before you walk down the aisle.

That said, most fresh flower retailers who sell roses and other blooms in bulk know that customers need them for specific events, so you’ll be asked to provide a delivery date along with your order. Flowers, being the delicate creatures they are, need time to recover after being packed in boxes and trucked around. Try to arrange to have your order arrive three days before the wedding, and if you’re buying loose blooms, make sure you buy at least some extra blossoms to account for any oopsies that occur when you’re putting them together. Don’t forget to grab some petals for the FG while you’re at it!

They’re Here, Now What?
When your flowers arrive, open them immediately, inspect them, and then put any loose blooms in containers of water plus floral conditioner so they can drink up and their petals have a chance to relax. If you’re DIYing your wedding arrangements, re-cut each stem under water using a really sharp knife, and strip away any leaves that are hanging in the water. Until you’re ready to use your flowers, keep them away from sunlight, drafts, hot or cold surfaces, and fruits or veggies. A cool, dark place like a pantry is the kind of storage space you’re looking for. Do not put your flowers in the fridge for any length of time—a florist’s refrigerator is very different from a home refrigerator.


6 Responses to “Flowers By Mail”

  1. TwoWishes says:

    I ordered my wedding flowers online (from and had a great experience. One thing that really surprised me was how long they lasted. I had the mindset that I should get them as close to the wedding as possible, but the customer service person talked me into receiving them a day earlier, and even then they were at peak bloom a day or two AFTER the wedding. Our roses easily lasted a week (peak bloom about 4 days after shipment) and lilies even longer.

  2. TwoWishes: You make a good point — individual flowers will reach their peak bloom at different times, so you should ask your CS person when you should ideally be receiving them.

  3. Emi!y says:

    I work for a grocery store flower shop, and they’re a great place to get flowers ordered in bulk. Often, we have a smaller standing order and so our distributors will give us deals on buying in bulk (to get us to order EVEN MORE). Also, because one of our distributors is with a huge chain of grocery store florists, we can get even cheaper flowers than a regular shop. Our costs are lower for employment, insurance, etc., so our fee added on to wholesale is smaller than most (cost x 2 instead of cost x 3.5, on average) florists. So don’t feel cheap going to your local grocer store (this is for made bouquets, etc., too – same price points usually apply).

  4. Pencils says:

    I did this, actually, bought my wedding flowers in bulk. I probably saved thousands of dollars and my wedding flowers were exactly what I wanted: beautiful, but not too showy and in the way, if you know what I mean. I wanted a simple wedding, not the kind with gigantic centerpieces, and I got it. I ordered nothing but roses to make arrangement easy. The bouquets were beautiful and the centerpieces simple and lovely. Making a rose bouquet really isn’t difficult, we practiced beforehand with roses from Costco, and I had fun buying fancy ribbon in Manhattan to tie the bouquets. I got mine from (2G Roses) and they were amazingly gorgeous. A few of the flowers were damaged in shipping and 2G did a great job in making it right.

    I’d recommend buying your flowers in bulk to anyone who wants to save some money, isn’t having too huge a wedding, and who doesn’t mind doing some work the day or so before the wedding (unless you can get someone else to do it!) You need to recut the stems and let the flowers drink after they arrive. And with roses you need to strip the thorns. It’s easy, just can be a bit time-consuming during a time when you’re really busy. Still, it was totally worth it and we had beautiful flowers for our wedding. And if there’s anything else you want and don’t feel comfortable making, order just that from a florist–I ordered my mom’s corsage and the flower girl’s and youngest bridesmaid’s head wreaths from a local florist. Which cost me about a fifth of the entire floral budget, but it was worth it to have them and not have to deal with the construction.

  5. Carrie says:

    It’s always a good idea to talk to the folks at the store to get a good idea on how many flowers you might need and right color. They know a lot more than you and it could save you time and money in the end if you discover that your first choice in flowers are not what works for your wedding.