For Your Feet Only

I bought my own wedding shoes from French Sole, but now I’m wishing I’d bought them from Miss Bunny.


The sweetly-monikered Miss Bunny creates beautifully decorated shoes for brides and non-brides alike — you can see a small gallery of her work at Miss Bunny Shoes. She also has an Etsy shop, though there is currently nothing up for sale therein. Shame, that! I’m in the mood to buy something beautiful!

3 Responses to “For Your Feet Only”

  1. Miss Bunny website has some very creative photo manipulation, some clever, some intimidating and verging on the morbid, BUT the shoes are CUTE!

  2. Beth says:

    Have you seen these hand painted shoes???

  3. @Beth No, I hadn’t! Thank you! I have a post upcoming about painted wedding shoes, and these will definitely be included.