Getting There Can Be Half the Fun

Stretch Hummer party limo with full bar and disco mode? Yawn. Rolls Royce Silver Dawn? It’s been done. Bright yellow Lamborghini? All right, that’s a little more interesting, but let me present you with a few alternative wedding day transportation ideas.


Brides and grooms who are lucky enough to be holding their wedding ceremony and wedding reception in locales where there’s an abundance of land or water should think about ditching the road-based transportation in favor of something more unusual.

Rock the Boat, Baby
If your ceremony and reception venues are on the water, you can pull up to the nearest dock in a rented boat. Search for “boat rental” and your zip code, or find the nearest marina at Take this idea off the table if either the bride or groom is prone to seasickness or if the weather in your chosen locale is unpredictable. There’s nothing worse than being on the water in your wedding gown during a freak hurricane!

Get High (Tee Hee)
Want a great view of your wedding venue? You can charter a helicopter at—wedding party transfers are one of the services they offer. Just make sure you stay in the chopper until the blades have stopped spinning so you don’t destroy your bridal hairstyle.

The quieter option is seriously old school. Getting from place to place in a hot balloon isn’t practical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an open air interlude between your ceremony and your reception. Find a willing balloonist at or

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Excerpted partially from iDo

2 Responses to “Getting There Can Be Half the Fun”

  1. La BellaDonna says:

    Actually, I long for a horse-drawn carriage … Not very original, perhaps, but so pretty! (And for me, at least, much less likely to involve actual hurling.)

  2. LA Tax says:

    I love the idea of arriving in a hot air ballooon. It’s definitely an experience that would be very memorable.