Wedding Cake in the Round

The lovely Chris Oh, who gifted me with my very own copy of Katamari Damacy back in the day, sent me a link to an entirely too-well-done Katamari wedding cake. Not a topper, not a tier, but an entirely round katamari (a magical ball that allows anything smaller than it to stick to it and make it grow) in wedding cake form.


The bride (known on Flickr as offwithyourtv) and groom should roll it around until they encounter other wedding cakes in order to make a massive megacake.


But instead, they’re going to cut it. I have to admit that until I found the picture below, I was unsure as to how this wedding cake would be portioned out to guests. (Would you look at that dress!)


The answer: Start from the top and work your way down. Looks good, no? It makes me crave cake, in fact. The moral of this post is, of course, that anything done fabulously will be fabulous even if others might consider it weird or geeky or too outlandish for a wedding.

3 Responses to “Wedding Cake in the Round”

  1. jstar says:

    that cake is absolutely fantastic. my fiance and i spent the whole ride to work yesterday singing the katamari theme, so i was very excited to see this cake! it seems to defy the laws of physics. so cool!

  2. Moe says:

    That’s the most interesting Wedding Cake I’ve ever seen. Don’t you just want to grab one of those knobs and eat it?

  3. Moe: Yes. Yes I do. Especially since my mind goes right ahead and assumes they are filled with deliciously decadent frosting!