Brides Have Got Back

No, not that kind of back, though plenty of brides (including me) are blessed in that department. I’m talking about subtle details that draw attention to the flipside of wedding dresses, like these appearing on gowns in the J. Crew Weddings Fall 2009 catalog.


Yes, the pseudosash goes all the way down on this wedding dress. My one issue with this otherwise chic dress as a whole is that I think many of us would have to order it five sizes too large in order to fit our bosoms in the bodice! Thanks a lot, J. Crew.


I like the polished and elegant back of this wedding dress more than I like the front, which is sort of messy looking.


This dress is quite pretty overall, and for once, my mind is not interpreting a peekaboo lace strip as “bra strap.” This is a good thing. However, being that this is only one image, I’d have to see the dress in person before I’d give it a second thumbs up.

All in all, the fronts of these wedding dresses can’t hold a handle to the backs, mostly because the fronts are rather plain. Then again, guests spend a great deal of time looking at the back of the bride during the wedding ceremony unless the couple has chosen a circular seating arrangement so maybe J. Crew is on to something.

One Response to “Brides Have Got Back”

  1. alexia says:

    Did you find these on the j crew website? I didn’t even see these!